September 26, 2006

His name is Niles

... and I love him. I would still not consider myself a 'cat person' per se, but this particular kitty has won me over in a big way. I don't know if all little felines are this adorable and affection hungry but Niles is not happy unless he is in the arms or the lap of somebody! He cuddles right up, snuggling up my neck, purring into my ear. The other evening I awoke on the couch with Niles staring me in the eyes, his paw resting on my nose, meowing as if to say 'wake up already!' How can you not fall in love with that? He's a suck for lovin' and I think I'll keep him around.

September 23, 2006

Are you serious?

Guess what I saw yesterday? Leg warmers. Leg. Warmers. There they were walking right into the mall. I'm totally fine with the idea of bringing back fashions from different eras but let's do it in a decent manner. Statements like the Jackie-O sunglasses, skinny jeans or long shirts with a belt over top are all somewhat acceptable, but leg warmers? Are you kidding me? Unless you are going to be in the movie Flashdance there is no reason you need to be wearing these things! Some fads should really be left in the 80's. Left to die and be forgotten, leg warmers is on the top of that list.

September 20, 2006


I've never in my life been a cat person. I've even been known to express my distate and disregard for them. I am a lover of animals, especially dogs, but that love has never really embraced cats. In fact I am allergic to them, which really only validates my dislike for them. Having said all that I will now tell you that yesterday we bought a kitten. And I will call him a kitten until the day he dies because like I said I don't like cats. Confused? Well so am I, a little. I visited our local animal shelter as I sometimes do, and upon one visit I fell in love with this little grey kitty in a cage of three 8 week old kittens. When Neil and I went back 3 days later the little grey one was the only one left~ how can I defy fate? Tell me how I could have possibly walked away empty handed. So we adopted him. Besides being a little nervous how this will affect my nasal health I am really enjoying the little guy and Wesley seems very amused too. My love for him grew when I woke up this morning to see that he had used his litter twice in the night and had even buried his little poops. I was so proud and turned to scowl at Wes, he has yet to impress me in that way. Now we just have to think of a name.

September 13, 2006

She's Baaaack!

Guess who I saw walking downtown yesterday?!! The crazy stranger that called me an ugly biotch! I haven't seen her since that incident and have been wondering what happened to her. Was that her last hoorah before skipping town? Apparently not cause she's out roaming the sidewalks and next time she walks past I'm going to be ready for her.

September 9, 2006

Blog Vaan!

Wow, what a response. It wasn't my intention but somehow I feel like an elementary kid that wants to make sure her friends really do like her so she goes on and on about how dumb she is and how nobody likes her just so people will say 'no we really do, you're so great, we love you, come play with us!' And I'm no sucker, it worked! I mean my hesitation was really wrapped up in one person in particular and with very little respect for him/her, why should I let him/her ruin my fun?! If he/she wants to be a blogging stalker weirdo go ahead.... and comment too!!