August 28, 2006

I'm not so sure

I started blogging a few short months ago, eager to share the things that go on in my life. I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends (hi C & K!) and family and for a fun way to express my feelings about the days goings on. Of course I realized that blogging on-line meant that people I do not know (I have 214 visits to date, and do I really know that many people that blog?!) would also have access to my thoughts and feelings. It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized that there are people out there with lives lacking social activities that perhaps frequent my blog. It's people that read blogs simply for snoopiness sake that really turn me off. Once I had this epiphany blogging took on a whole new light. I began feeling violated and vulnerable, even though I understand I am writing of my own free will and have done this to myself. I wrestled inside- do I continue to write regardless of the pathetic weirdos that are reading this because they are snoops and can't help themselves, and what do I care if they want to read my blog, I'm putting it out there, why am I taking it so seriously? Or do I stop writing and keep these things to myself and those I really care about and can share with in person? I haven't yet decided and therefore have my blog on a pause of some sort until I do.


  1. Hi. I'm snooping around reading your blog and violating you. It's Sara, if you can't tell by the picture of my head.

    Here's what I think. Don't post your most personal thoughts and feelings that are more appropriate for a journal. Before you post something on your blog, remind yourself that the entire world has access to it, but remember that almost the entire world doesn't care what you write about. People who worry about what others think of them would be surprised to find out how seldom they do...something like that. I just totally ruined a good quote.

    I only just found your blog, so it's not really fair to me if you stop writing in it now. And it's all about me.

  2. Like Sara said, don't post stuff that you'd be uncomfy with strangers reading... just remember what a blog is for, it's different than a journal...

  3. FINE!!! I'll stop coming to your blog. I know that I'm a little bit creepy. But "snoopy" and "pathetic weirdo" that just hurts. But to make you happy I will refreain from coming to your blog. I won't however stop peaking in your windows while your sleeping!!

  4. Holy crap, all snoopers, creeps and pathetic wierdos are more than welcome to hit up my blog, and I will even give you my phone number. I am hard up for some attention.

  5. Michelle,
    You cannnot stop blogging. (thanks for the shout out in your blog!) I would lose touch with what you are up to. I wouldn't have access to the inner workings of your mind. How will I know about things like your obsession with rocks unless you point them out to me???? I vote in favour of you continuing your blog. I am with the others that the "snoopers" are just that, harmless.
    There's my two emphatic cents.

  6. Ahh, c'mon you have to keep blogging. Yours has got to be one of the best out there. It's a pleasure to read, and that is the point in this age of web 2.0. It's a forum to let the world know some of those thoughts. Granted you're allowed to use filters, you don't have to write about the things that are most near and dear to your heart. They don't even have to be relevant to anything as you may have noticed from my blog - which doesn't really make for a good read anyway, so it's more or less self indulgence but who cares about that anyway. What I'm trying to say is do it for yourself and don't worry about weirdos reading it, they're busy surfing the net for far more interesting things than your blog.

    Also, if you really want to know there is an updated blogger version that is in beta right now that will allow for private blogs. I'm not sure about the details, but I guess that you'll be able to choose who sees your blog. Sort of takes some of the fun out of it if you ask me though.


  7. I am currently starting a boycott against michelle. I expect no one to join in my cause. At this point in time i am not sure what the boycott will include, but until blogging resumes on this page, the boycott will continue!


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