February 29, 2012

you know what I say?

Scram, Bridge Mixture.


February 28, 2012

keeping it real FOTD

Ya know what, it doesn’t happen all that often but there are some days I don’t put makeup on. You may find it silly but even when I am doing nothing more than folding laundry in my basement I like having a full face done. What kind of makeup addict would I be if that weren’t the case uh? Applying makeup is a hobby and an enjoyable part of my day. Having said that I sure love… that wasn’t enough emphasis – LOVE the days I don’t have to drag my tired body to the bathroom to wash my makeup off before going to bed. I refuse to sleep in makeup. Gross. But that's just me.

Yesterday was one of those days. My morning got away from me and before I knew it it was bedtime and I could just brush my teeth and climb into bed. That sounds lovely despite the fact that it was because I looked like this all day. Bare face, unkempt hair, and glasses. Ah well. My husband is a lucky man you say?

I thought I’d share because even in this makeup addict’s life there are days I just couldn’t be bothered. And it feels pretty good.

photo (21)

Do you wear makeup every day? And tell me, do you wash it off before bed?

February 24, 2012

a post about hair

I guess I should say another post about hair. Well you might guess then that hair has been on my mind. Literally. Bad joke. I have been growing my hair out with no real goal in sight for about 2 years. I’ve never had it this long and I’ve been enjoying it. As I told you before I don’t feel like the most capable stylist but I try.

I went out last night for a much needed girl’s night out with my friend Rachael. We had time to kill before our date so she offered to curl my hair. I love it when she does, it always looks amazing and somehow it lasts longer than any other time I do it. This is what she did for me last night – loose curls with straight ends. I’m in love… as you can see by the many photos I took to remind me how to recreate it.

photo (16)photo (17)photo (19)photo (20)

The thing is, I’ve been contemplating cutting my hair. I know I won’t do it right away but when I saw Becki from Whippy Cake’s hair pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook I knew that this was the cut I was going to do when I did go under the knife, er, scissors.


I love it even more now that she has it really blonde and often styles it in a faux hawk.

(These are photos I creepily stole from the Whippy Cake Facebook group, although I did ask for permission.)

Do you think I could pull something like this off? I’ve had short hair quite similar to this before, and even shorter actually, but after growing my hair for so long I’m uncertain. I’ve been pretty well obsessed with her hair since I first saw it so if I’m still loving it down the road this is definitely the cut I’ll get. I love that it’s short and fresh while still  being versatile. I’ve seen photos of it styled in a few different ways and it’s always adorable. You’ve got to watch this video of how she styles her faux hawk. She has it down to a mad science.

On a related side note you should most definitely check out Becki’s cute accessories at Whippy Cake or on her Facebook group. She is ridiculously creative and talented. Obviously, look at her hair!

February 22, 2012

take a risk: bold lips and yellow boots

I follow (like?) Temptalia on Facebook and on Friday Christine posted a really great question.

"What product do you own but don't have the courage to wear?" 

I loved this question because I can relate. There have been some products I buy because they are so gosh darn beautiful in the packaging but when it comes down to it I feel like a fool walking out of the house wearing them. The funny thing is, in my experience, once you've worn that item a few times you become comfortable and confident and don't think twice about slapping it on and walking out the door. It makes me giggle to think that the first few times I wore my now go-to lipstick, MAC Creme d'Nude, I was quite nervous and uncomfortable. A nude lip was something I'd never done before. It was that same summer I purchased my first red lipstick, MAC Viva Glam 1, and I felt that same insecurity as I rocked it the first few times. I don't give either of them a second thought now. Funny. 

Do you have any products you've purchased yet they sit in your stash unused? There are not many items in my collection that intimidate me any more. I am getting comfortable with the few products (mostly lipsticks) that I have been hesitant to wear. Some lean a little orange, some more coral, and some are a brighter pink than what I'm accustomed to. The thing is, I see them on other girls and think they look cute so I wonder, why wouldn't they look great on me too? What I found even more interesting than the question itself were the responses Christine got. You can read for yourself but it amused me that so many ladies had similar answers to, "I love the look on other people but I don't think it looks good on me." or "I think other people pull it off but I feel silly when I try to." We are our own worst critics! I've decided it before but this post reaffirmed to me that if you just decide to wear something and be confident in it, you will look great in it because your fearlessness will shine through. It has been my experience that if nothing else people will admire your boldness and you'll inspire them to wear something new. You may not agree and still think you look ridiculous, haha, but that has been my reality. 

I know this is getting lengthy but I wanted to share a really great post on a similar topic. Shelley, from The House of Smiths did a recent post about taking risks and not being afraid to do or wear something out of your comfort zone. After I read her post I thought about the yellow suede ankle boots I have that have only been worn a handful of times because well, they are yellow suede ankle boots and obviously, they stand out. I wore them to church that very next Sunday and received many compliments on them. It feels pretty good to be a little daring and try something unexpected.

Do you have products or clothes or accessories you are a little timid to wear in public? I can't be the only one that has removed a scarf or headband or wiped my lips off in the van, haha! Please share! 

February 21, 2012

information: posting phone pics online

I am not an alarmist and I don't get worked up about all the scaremongering forwarded emails that get passed along, but when my mom sent me this video I actually did find the information useful. I may just be am useless when it comes to techy things so I didn't even know my phone had this option. I thought I would share the video as maybe you weren't aware of it either and as I said, I don't think it's imperative but it's still a precaution. It's a pretty cool feature and I can think of times I would like to use it but for every day purposes I've turned mine off.

Did you know your phone had this feature? Will you leave it on or turn it off?

February 19, 2012

our anniversary

This week Neil and I celebrate our 7 year anniversary. I have no idea why they call it the 7 year itch because for us, it just keeps getting better. I mean it, the only itch I've ever had is...... nevermind.

I am so lucky, blessed, fortunate, darn HAPPY to be married to my Neil. This boy is perfect for me. The way he makes me laugh, the way he takes care of me and the boys, the way he makes me laugh and the way he makes me laugh.

I knew marriage would be cool but I genuinely didn't know it would be like this. This good. This happy. This content. This fun. And it's because of him. I'm not nearly as awesome on my own.

To seven years with my love, and hopefully another 70.

Oh and eternity too.

February 16, 2012

a boy and his dog

I walked into the boys room the other day to see this. Porter was playing a game on his laptop and had obviously moved onto his bed to be next to Willow. 



February 15, 2012

daddy's girl

It's my dadda's birthday today and I would be remiss if I didn't say a little something about that special man here. I think he's seen my blog when my mom shows him cute pictures I post of the kids but maybe he'll stumble upon this post too. Read: I will send him the link and tell him to read it. 

Like many little girls, my dad was the first man I loved and he's still right up there. I feel like a pretty lucky gal as through the years my dad has done everything that any good dad should do.

  • He's fixed my car.
  • He's given me advice on boys.
  • He's leant me money.
  • He's put together dressers and desks and hung drywall and curtains.
  • He taught me how to work (by picking beans in the garden... boo.)
  • He gave me a curfew and made me keep the rules.

But besides doing these things, that make any dad a great dad, he has gone beyond and done things that make him the best dad. And my friend.

  • He stayed up with me for late night chats and to share treats from his secret stash.
  • He taught me how to waterski and drive the boat.
  • He played hundreds of games of UNO with me.
  • He made me his right hand man and included me in every crazy project he had going on, including but not limited to putting our boat on the back lawn so we could paint the trailer. I was sure we`d never get it back on! 
  • He shares many, many inside jokes with me - like hiding the hammer in silly spots (I unknowingly took that thing to school in my back pack!!)
  • He took me to concerts to see our favorite band. Twice. 
  • He sends me emails to let me know he's thinking of me.
  • He takes me on daddy/daughter dates and listens to what I say.
  • He bought me a pooch and taught me to care for animals.
  • He loves my husband like he is his own son. 
  • He brought me treats home from every business trip. 
  • He drove hours to surprise me when I had just given birth to Rigby.
  • He gets me. We are definitely cut from the same cloth. 
  • He has a strong testimony and has helped strengthen mine. 

I could add many more things to the list of why my dad is amazing. He is someone I love, admire, respect and adore. I only wish distance allowed us to see more of each other, it`s always a great time when we do. And I wish I could share ``too much chocolate cake`` with him today! Have a Happy Birthday.

February 14, 2012


 Happy Valentine’s Day.

From my filthy kitchen, to yours.


February 13, 2012

color activity

When I saw this idea on pinterest I knew I would soon be making one. I’ve been working on colors, numbers, letters, etc. with Rigby and I thought this would be a fun way to memorize colors, not to mention work on his fine motor skills with the clothes pins. I bought a pack of 50 clothes pins from the dollar store and I collected the paint samples from Cloverdale Paint for free. I already had the glue gun and glue at home so this little project cost me a whopping – $1.

I collected 2 of each paint sample strips, one to cut and one to pin to. I cut small sections from one and then glued them to clothes pins.


I only did four sections from each color strip as the lighter colors are very similar and harder for little eyes to distinguish between. Plus, that’s a whole lotta clothes pins to store.


This isn’t the favorite toy around but we have had fun pinning the pegs and talking about the colors. I’d be lying if I said some of them are not already wrecked but for $1 I don’t feel like this is something I have to treasure.

It’s a fun little activity that both Rigby and Porter have used, definitely worth the time and the dollar.

I can't write a post about colors and not make a color-blind joke – this activity is something we don’t let Neil play. We don’t need his help around here when learning colors. :)

February 11, 2012

you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose….

I don’t usually post on Saturdays but with Neil being away all the days are the same to me. So yay, an extra post!

The boys and I were playing around with Instagram (I have many questions, am I just thick?) yesterday and when I saw this pic my first thought was whoa, nostrils. So I decided to share it because I do have a unique set.

I’ve made reference to my childhood dog attack that left me with disfigured nostrils before, but I often get comments that people hadn’t noticed. So world, here they are. Don't be jealous. :)

photo (15)

February 10, 2012


While I was throwing on my toque and scarf to go out to walk Willow this afternoon I realized I have a little problem. Mustard much? Even the pillow on the couch and my yellow dresser on the other wall.

I think I need an intervention.


February 9, 2012

playing referee

Porter and Rigby have been at each other's throats this week it seems. If they are not fighting over Lego they are fighting over Transformers and if they are not fighting over toys they are fighting over who sits where and who got where first. I've had it.

I have been in the routine of being the mediator - I go into the room, figure out what happened and then make the boys find a peaceful resolve. Not these days. I hear them start to fight in their room - one yells, the other yells louder and then it starts. But lately I find myself just sitting back, letting them work it out themselves. Is that wrong? I figure it's good for their coping and problem solving skills as brothers right? Obviously I'll intervene if it gets out of control but I don't think there's any harm in letting them fight their own fights, so to speak.

Do you always mediate your children's quarrels or do you let your kids work it out themselves on occasion?

February 8, 2012

foster fail

(Warning: super gushy, mushy, puppy love talk ahead. If you are a dog lover yourself, you'll understand. If you're not the animal lovin' type, you'll roll your eyes at me. Or gag. You've been forewarned.) 

I introduced you to Willow, our foster doggy, in this recent post. And now I have a secret to tell you. I blubbered through the whole thing! Tears streamed down my cheeks as I wrote that post and since I’m rarely a crying fool Neil walked in and was immediately concerned. I managed to say in a half laugh/half cry, “I don’t want to give her away!!” *sob, sob* Pathetic right? We had just received her the day before and already I knew she was special.

photo (12)

We were happy to foster a puppy as we didn’t think it was possible for us to keep one at this stage of our lives. We had no intention of falling in love with a dog, which is ridiculous thinking about it now. But if fostering was the road to get Willow then we’re happy to start and end our fostering career with her.

Willow is perfect for our family. She has a great balance of playful and calm. She loves to run in the yard and catch pine cones thrown for her. I have taught her to sit, shake and lay down and we're working on stay and roll over. She hardly waits for the command now and anticipates the next trick, which I think is adorable. She simply wants to please. She loves to paw at your leg, asking for attention. She is patient with the boys and lets them sit on beside her, pull her ears, look at her teeth, pick at her nose and poke her eyes. She loves the boys and is most often found fast asleep on Porter’s bed.

photo (13)

She is snuggly and lovable and if you pick her up to lay beside you, she stays at your side until you get up and leave. She makes pathetic groans when she sleeps, as if she is so relaxed and content. She is learning our schedule and routine and we haven’t had an accident in the house for almost 2 weeks. She has a very gentle mouth and doesn't grab or snatch treats - she gently takes them from your hand or from the boy's little fingers. She has learned to be very comfortable with her kennel. She knows that when we leave the house she has to go to ‘bed,’ and at night when we turn the lights off she walks to her kennel and lays down, without being asked. Neil and I look at each other like, ‘where did she come from?’ She is amazing.

photo (14)

At our recent family meeting to discuss our intentions with Willow, the vote was unanimous. Not one of us could bear to give her back and let another family adopt her. We all agreed that we wanted to make it official and keep her forever. On paper at the Prairie Pitbull Rescue we are considered a foster fail, but I disagree, this is a foster success. We didn't mean to fall in love with her, but I'm so glad we did.

February 6, 2012

Zenni Optical

First of all, something that has nothing to do with glasses – thank you for your comments regarding my rant. I really appreciated what each one of you said and it's nice to know I am not alone, some of you have had similar experiences. I was nervous to publish that post but it was nothing but a good experience for me and I’m glad to have that off my chest, no matter how small it is. Thanks.

Sooooo on to today’s post. Y’all know I love a great bargain right? Well when it came time to purchase some new glasses (my prescription changed and Rigby has all but destroyed my current pair – how many times can you twist an arm back into place before it breaks?) I knew I was going to purchase them nowhere but online at Zenni Optical. My sisters in law buy all their glasses (and their kid’s glasses) there and have been so happy with their products. I was excited to get started.

All you have to do is go to Zenni Optical  and create a profile, for FREE. You can upload a photo of yourself and “try on” as many pairs as you like. You create a list of favorites and slowly work your way through their thousands of pairs. I used the category boxes on the side to help narrow my search. You must have a current prescription (within 2 years) from your eye doctor and once you have made a final decision (it took me days  to get there!) you enter in your prescription, all the extra features you’d like (scratch resistance, anti reflection etc.). Then just watch it all add up. That’s sarcasm because once you visit you’ll see how inexpensive it all is. I bought these 2 pairs of glasses, each with scratch resistant and anti reflection lenses, for, *drumroll* $54, FIFTY FOUR DOLLARS and that includes shipping. I’m not lying to you. Neil was somewhat sketched out with the whole process and was fairly certain they would arrive and I’d be more blind with them than without them, BUT they were delivered this morning and I couldn’t be more pleased. Both pairs are true to their description, fit really well and I can see perfectly through them.

I am really quite thrilled with the entire experience. It was fun to browse their selection, pick my favorites and know that I was getting great glasses for a great price. You literally couldn’t purchase one lens for the price I paid for 2 pairs! Next time you're in the market for new glasses, I think you'd be a fool not to check out Zenni Optical. Just sayin'. :)

photo (2)
photo (1)

ps. This is my first use of Instagram. I like. (Ignore the bed-head.)

February 1, 2012

a rant: in defence of skinny girls

This is something that has been brewing in me for years and this post has been brewing for months. I usually keep topics on my blog fairly light and superficial but this is something I want to talk about. It's personal for me and I'm sure there must be girls out there that can relate. I have avoided posting about this topic in fear of offending someone when in turn I'm the one being offended time and again. I feel like it's time I said something.

I have been petite, skinny, slender, slight, thin (deathly thin - yes, someone called me that once), scrawny, gaunt, a toothpick - whatever name you have for it, for my whole life. For whatever reason my gene pool is full of tadpoles instead of big beautiful fish. Being an organically skinny girl has been interesting. I am comfortable with my body, my size and my image but it seems that many others are not. It never ceases to amaze me the kinds of things people will say to my face, let alone when I can not hear.

Even after all these years I can not wrap my head around the fact that someone (and I'll tell you, it's many someones) feels it's appropriate to tell me I'm too thin. You would never approach an overweight woman and tell her she is too heavy or that she should lose some weight. How rude! Why then is it ok to take me by the hand and tell me to eat more, or tell me you are worried about my health. It is not acceptable to voice your concern that I am too skinny or that you'd like to see me "put on a couple pounds." I have seen the looks, I have heard the whispers and I am fully aware that some people think I have a problem. There are also those that assume because I'm petite I have no idea what body image issues are. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be stuck in a 13 year old's body forever. Granted, it's not quite like that but I do get an inferiority complex when I stand next to tall, beautiful, curvy women. Always being the twerp in the room gets old. Shopping in the youth department has it's perks but having a ladies small (or xs) still be too big is discouraging. And do you know how hard it is to stay warm? I am not trying to paint the picture that being thin is a trial but I do believe that many woman don't see it from our view, they just think we're skinny and we've got it made.

I was so angered while watching Ellen one afternoon (I've since forgiven her - love Ellen) as she commented that clothes in size zero should not even be made. Her argument was that it only encourages girls to try and be thinner and that it perpetuates eating disorders. I shouted at the TV, "NOT ALL GIRLS THAT WEAR A SIZE ZERO HAVE AN EATING DISORDER!" It is views like that I am talking about, that we are only this thin if we are unhealthy. I do nothing to stay this size and in fact I have to do some things to maintain this size.  I would not say I have never experienced any eating related issues, in fact I have. Through much of junior high and high school I had a fear of eating in front of people. In social settings I would sit and push food around my plate, cut it into tiny bite size pieces or find some excuse not to eat it at all. These are similar signs to that of an eating disorder but I assure you it was social anxiety, not anorexia. It was a fear of having food on my face, something stuck in my teeth, or being spoken to with a mouth full. I would be able to chew but not swallow, sitting there with a knot in my stomach. It was not an eating disorder, it was a type of social phobia, not something great for a skinny girl to have. I struggled with this for years and I know it fueled speculation but through friends and actually a really great boyfriend I was able to overcome it and now while dining in social settings it doesn't even cross my mind. There was also a period in high school that for whatever reason I had convinced myself that going to bed hungry was some kind of power trip - a mind over matter accomplishment. It was foolish and I soon realized that going to bed with a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast in my tummy was a much better idea. I think we all go through phases of trying to take charge of our lives, and it was nothing more than that. I am sharing this to illustrate that these issues had nothing to do with my size, or weight. I believe they were natural growing pains and how unfair that something serious like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa be attached to them. There are other causes of 'thin-ness' than these painful diseases. Like say, your natural shape.

I feel it is ignorant for a thin person to be labelled with a "problem" while others who walk around carrying extra weight legitimately do have a problem. The stress those extra pounds put on your system is concerning. It is not my intention to offend those that struggle with weight gain but when pointing the finger at who is 'unhealthy,' I ask you to please not point at me. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and that's a beatiful thing. We should celebrate our bodies, regardless of how much they weigh. It is my argument that it is socially acceptable to outwardly comment on a thin person's body when you would never dream of saying something to someone who is obese. I am not talking about the, "that dress looks great on you, you skinny mini," or the "man, if I was as thin as you..." comments. I don't expect people to ignore it altogether, and I am the first to poke fun at my being a lil bitty. What I am referring to are the comments of supposed concern and worry and the remarks of, "you need to eat more!" I am tired of defending the absence of an eating disorder in my life. It's when it's assumed I have an issue that I take offence. Perhaps you are wondering why I care what other people think and why I let what they say bother me. I can appreciate that and to some extent I don't care. But when someone tells you to go "eat another sandwich," it is harder to ignore.

I want to raise awareness on behalf of skinny girls (and gentlemen) everywhere. Not because I think you inconsiderately tell the thin people in your life to stop throwing up their meals, but because some of the things people say could be said in a different way. That, "you're so skinny, I hate you!" isn't really a compliment. It is possible the person you are talking to can do nothing about her size. I want to bring to light that like being overweight, being underweight isn't without it's inconveniences either. It's good form to be respectful of both.

I don't know how else to conclude other than to say I am a healthy 100 pound woman and I eat. A lot actually. And I know there are others like me.

I would appreciate your feedback.

*Examples given are things that have actually been said to me.
**Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are serious disorders and in no way am I trying to discredit those individuals that struggle with these illnesses. I have seen their grips in my personal circle and can attest to the legitimate anguish they cause.