December 29, 2011

Yukon Blonde

I keep calling them Yukon Gold but nope, that's a potato, something entirely different.

Wayne Petti from Cuff the Duke recommended we check out Yukon Blonde as we might like them and he couldn't have been more right. We've been enjoying them online for a while now but for Christmas Neil bought me the album. I'm loving it. I am a huge fan of that something-about-this-sounds-like-the-60's sound. Upon first listen I would compare Yukon Blonde to Zeus, who I also think have very John Lennon-esque moments. If you fancy a listen here is my favorite song off their self titled album.

Check out more from Yukon Blonde on their website here.

December 28, 2011

DIY moustache mugs

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. By the lack of posts here you can tell I have! With THREE birthdays, Christmas and New Years in the month of December it gets really busy for us. It's pretty much a non stop party for weeks and I'm starting to feel like I'm coming off some bender, but the end is in sight. Normal life is so close. It's been fun though. 

I've been excited to post about these mugs I made. They were a Christmas gift that I mailed away so once I heard they had been received I knew it was safe to post about them.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen these mugs around, they seem to pop up here and there.


I saw a DIY tutorial on my friend Kandee’s blog and I instantly wanted to make some myself. I wanted to take it one step further and make a feminine counterpart for the moustache mug. I thought it would make a cute “his and hers” gift. I found a template for some cute pouty lips and made a kissable cup too! I sent these to my cousin who has 2 little boys and I didn’t want to leave them out so I found 2 smaller mugs of similar style and made mini moustaches to go on those. Now the whole family has a set.


Working with the Pebeo Porcelain markers was a breeze. Well, I should say the black one was a breeze. The red one was much more finicky and I never did get the paint to blend well and was constantly fighting against streaks. When I peeled off the stencil I was easily able to clean up any smudges with a Q tip and because I baked the mugs to set the paint they are now dishwasher safe.

I think the moustache and lips mugs are adorable but I am not limiting myself to these. With these Pebeo markers you can draw on plates, bowls, glasses – anything! The next project is to draw little beady eyes at the bottom of my boy’s cereal bowls – a little surprise to help them finish their breakfast.

December 14, 2011

because I complained

I thought I’d mention this just because I did whine about it a while back. Look what’s grown! My Rigby hairs have finally become somewhat of a bang. Thank goodness.


December 13, 2011

he strikes again

  • about half a package of my birth control pills 
to the list of things Rigby has eaten. 

December 12, 2011

thrift-store shirt alteration

When I uploaded these photos I had a little bit of a panic attack. Looking at these pictures I suddenly really liked the ‘before’ shot… BUT it’s too late!

I have to remind myself that while I have had this shirt for some time now I rarely wore it, and when I did it was always with a cardigan over top, to hide the baggy sleeves and poorly fitting body. Every time I put it on I committed to alter it some day soon. So with that said, even though I like the look of the shirt in the ‘before’ photo I know in reality I wasn’t comfortable wearing it like that.

Here is the before – a shirt I purchased from a local thrift shop for a few bucks.

And here is the after – I removed the extra large sleeves and took it in in the body and under the armpits. 

I added a belt for extra definition and the cardigan ‘cause I’m cold hearted blooded. At least now I add the cardigan for comfort instead of trying to hide under it.

I'd like to know your opinion – are you a fan of the before or do you prefer the altered version?

December 9, 2011

40 uses for Coke

I don't mean cocaine ya nut.

I really enjoy a cold glass of Coke, I'm not gonna lie. I would however prefer it if my beverage was just a beverage and not a solvent, cleaner, conditioner, descaler or degreaser. BUT... Coke is.

Visit this website where you can find 40 uses (other than quenching your thirst) for Coke. And then come back and tell me if you're ever going to drink the stuff again.

(I will.)

December 8, 2011

boys room reveal

Wow, the word reveal makes it sound like this is going to be really exciting. I hope I don’t disappoint. This isn’t a huge makeover but I do feel like we’ve taken the room from baby boy to big boy. This is what the room looked like before if you need a reminder.


We found a bunkbed on Kijiji for a great price and after I spent a good couple hours cleaning it up (for the love of all that is good, don’t let your children put stickers on things!) it looks almost new and fits perfectly in the room. I found 2 inexpensive comforters at Jysk (I make that sound a lot more simple than it was: this is the third, THIRD color I tried and finally I’m happy with the brown.) and sewed 2 matching pillowcases from the fabric left from the cornice I made. 


One thing I really wanted to create in their new big boy room was a place to play. With the crib and changetable in the room there wasn’t much space for toys or playing. Having said that I didn’t want it to be a disaster area with toys everywhere. I hummed and hawed about different storage options but finally decided on using unused space I already had instead of adding another dresser or bookcase – under the bed! I went to the dollar store and bought these baskets. They are all categorized which makes playing, and cleaning up, simple. We are loving them. I laid down this car mat we had been rolling up and storing away after play, and I’m so happy my boys now have a room they can enjoy.


Although it’s a tight fit I wanted to keep my rocker recliner in the room as that’s where we sit and snuggle to read stories and sing songs. I didn’t want to lose that space. I moved the little bookcase over and created a reading nook.


I have already shown you the dressers I refinished and here they sit. We are loving how much more space we have for the boys clothes and that they are short enough Porter can get in and out of them by himself. (And yep, that's our frog tank, we've still got 'em!)

(Apparently when I took this photo Rigby had wandered away with the “R” block.)

And last but not least, as a finishing touch I felt like the wall along the bed was really empty and needed a little attention. I wanted to put something there but knew that it would undoubtedly get knocked down so I decided vinyl was the answer. I was unsure of what quote or words to put up until my girlfriend suggested I do a random collection of BOY words. I loved the idea and thought it would look adorable and really customized. I had another friend add some more ideas and then cut them out for me. This is what we came up with. I’m really happy with it. It fills up that empty space in the room and the words are very fitting for my pair of little boys.


I have one more idea I am working on - a little something to put on top of their dressers, but I'm not sure when I'll get that done so until then, I call this boys room complete. And they love it more than I do! 


December 6, 2011

and just like that, Naked2 is mine!

I signed up to receive an email when the Naked2 palette was back in stock and I got that email this morning. I immediately placed my order half expecting that by the time I clicked "checkout" it would tell me it was out of stock already. BUT IT WASN'T! I can't wait. I'm really excited about this palette - partly because I LOVE my original Naked palette so much and partly because all the reviews I have read and swatches I have seen lead me to believe this one is just as good AND different enough to warrant owning both. My mom is sending me money for Christmas and my birthday and she doesn't know it yet but this palette is what she's buying me! Haha! So thanks Mom!

To read more about the Naked2 palette head over to Bloomin' Beauty's blog where she does an extensive review with beautiful swatches and comparisons to Naked1. Hers is one of the best Naked2 reviews I've read. Go check it out.

December 5, 2011

Porter McKay

It was 4 years ago today this big bundle of joy changed my life. 

As a new mom I thought the love I felt for my brand new baby was stronger than anything I could experience as I didn't yet know that that love would grow as my brand new baby grew. With each new phase and each milestone crossed the love of a mother intensifies and the awe she has for her little one increases.

The sleepless nights, spit up, fevers, thrush, and the crying and inconsolable moments are all forgiven and forgotten when they open their little eyes and gaze at you like you are the most important thing to them. Because you are.

Porter has taught me innumerable lessons. I learn from him every day whether it be through a trial of patience or from the swelling in my heart as I watch him experience life. 

Porter has taught me to smile, even when times get tough. 

To indulge in the good things of life. 

To make fun of yourself and laugh at everything you can. 

To find excitement in simple things.

To look the part. You feel good when you look good. 

To never stop going, there is always something else to discover. 

That not all meals have to be nutritious. It's ok to not be perfect. 

To be prepared for any situation. 

To recognize the Lord in all things. 

To protect the ones you love. 

To be original and not care what others think of you. 

To slow down, think before you act and speak, and to enjoy the quiet moments. 

That bad things happen to good people but you can always look forward to tomorrow. 

To let loose once in a while!

To set goals and work towards something...

...and bask in the wondrous results. 

To make the best of any situation. 

To admire others and aspire to be like the good people around you. 

And to always let your true self shine through!

Being Porter's momma is a joy. He is a SMART boy, he is a cheeky boy and he is a FUN boy who loves to tease and laugh. He is sensitive and sweet and boy is he stubborn! Porter was born 11 days late and has kept me waiting ever since. :)  He does things in his own time and in his own way. I know it is those qualities that will make him a leader and a strong man that will not be influenced to do anything against his values. He is a light in our home and to those around him. He is most often described as "funny" and I couldn't agree more. He is the one that made me a momma and that is a gift I treasure.

 HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY Porter Boy! 

December 1, 2011

hold the phone

THIS just in from my good friend Kandee - I call her my good friend and she calls me.... er, she doesn't know I exist. Sad.

Either way:

URBAN DECAY has released a  
NAKED 2 palette!

Good grief, let the waiting lists begin! Just when you thought you were Naked enough it's time to get Naked again. Kandee shows the palette and swatches here and I must say with the addition of more matte shadows I am definitely intrigued. Looks like I'll be on the hunt for this one too.

Do you own the original Naked palette? Are you going to meet me in line for Naked 2?