July 27, 2006

Rock Passion

I love rocks. I really do, I love them.

Since I was a little girl and I used to hide my stash of special stones in the little cubby intended for cleaning our chimney. My dad tells the story of doing work in the yard, repeatedly hearing the creaking of the little metal latch and wondering what it was I was doing over there. I guess he walked over one day and opened it up to find my treasure. He knew what it was and who it belonged to because really, who other than someone with a passion for rocks would store them in a chimney cubby?!

I love them all: skipping stones, polished rocks, colored rocks, sedimentary rocks, jagged rocks, river rocks that have been smoothed by running water. They are all special and all beautiful to me, really.

Pretty rocks in the water

I noticed the other day that I have rocks in almost every room of my house. A plate of rocks on the coffee table, a dish of rocks on the kitchen table, an arrangement of rocks in the bathroom, large rocks for book-ends in the office, and a rock garden outside.

In all their beauty no two are alike, like little gifts from mother nature.

Skipping rocks in Waterton

July 24, 2006

Something to call my own

There is some kind of chemical release that occurs in my body when I purchase something new. It's like an adrenaline/epinephrine/endorphin/glycogen...oxide reaction or something!

I must have been in junior high when I started to purchase my own clothes. I remember the exciting feeling of independence as I browsed through stores, trying on clothes and buying whatever it was I wanted, with my own hard (ok maybe not that hard) earned money.

I experienced an escalated feeling of that same independence when I bought my own car (not to discount the help of father) . I was the first of my friends to own a car and we thought it was just the bees knees of growing up. I didn't however feel that same enjoyable chemical release as I dropped what felt..... and actually still feels like.... THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars on fuel pumps for that same "dream car" turned NIGHTMARE of mine.

So when now I am all grown up, married and paying for way more things than I want to be, I found that same piece of heaven in purchasing our very first set of furniture. We actually own something in our living room! It is the most beautiful set because it's new, it's ours, and it's paid for.

This pic is a little dark....bad lighting

Aren't they pretty?!

July 18, 2006

Strangers are Mean!

As a general rule I try to be a friendly stranger. I hold the door open for people behind me, and if I make eye contact I smile at the people I pass. You can understand my shock then when a complete stranger passing me downtown today said:

"There goes that ugly biotch!"

(She said the real word but my mom reads this, I have to keep it clean).

"There she goes into the Bargain Store..."

(ya, I shop there)

"...that girl is such a biotch!"

I looked around and sure enough I was the only girl walking into the Bargain Store, was she really talking about me? I wanted to say something back to her but I was in such shock that nothing could come out of my mouth. It's not so much that somebody might think I am a biotch, or that I'm ugly for that, but SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ME! Who says that about a complete stranger? I know I have seen her around downtown before, she's easy to spot. She wears baggy pants, oversized hoodies, a ball cap, and rolls those Heelies. I know I've seen her but I've never once talked to her, yelled at her, or punched her in the face, although her comments made me reflect back and wonder if in fact I had. I did my browsing in the Bargain Store and thought up all kinds of things I could say back to her to defend myself and reclaim my dignity, but when I left the store she had already gone. I know I'll see her again soon, and even though all I want to do is walk right up to her, spit in her face and tell her she's late for football practice (thus illustrating that somewhere inside I really am a biotch), I will just walk past her in my carefully planned outfit for work, knowing that somewhere someone thinks I'm nice.... and pretty too.

July 15, 2006

Sue for poo?

I answered the phone at work to hear a very upset and impatient voice telling me he needed a lawyer. Well thanks, that's why most people call in. I asked him what it was regarding so I knew better who to transfer the call to. He went on to tell me this, it's true I swear:

"I was at the border crossing and the inspection dog pooped in my van."

I tried not to laugh.

"It smelled up my whole van and completely ruined my trip. I stopped along the side of the road to take some pictures, but when I went to grab my camera I stuck my hand in dog crap!"

Again, literally holding my breath.

"I drove back and demanded they clean my van, but I want to be compensated for what I went through. I lost time on my trip and now I'm scared to cross the border again."

I had to really wrack my brain to think who in this whole office of lawyers would handle a case like this.... divorce- no, will and estates- no, real estate- no, hmmmm, dog poop..... criminal? I took a gamble and put his call through to one of the assistants and pre-warned her... try not to laugh. It turns out after she described the expenses and fees that go along with hiring a lawyer he wasn't too interested in pursuing this matter anymore. I mean how much would he really get in "compensation" anyway? I bet he heard that story about the lady in the States that sued McDonalds over a hot coffee and he was just rubbing his hands together thinking he had a real jackpot in this. What people won't sue over! I'm glad he called in though, maybe I'll sue him for what I went trough.

July 10, 2006

Girls Day Out!

Well we are home safe and sound, and had the most wonderful trip! We went waterskiing at Cultus Lake, mountain biking at Whistler (I only crashed once!) took a tour of the Brodie bike headquarters, went for fish and chips TWICE to the Crab Shack, which is apparently actually called the Crab Shop but I don't care, and one of my favorite days had to be when my mom, my sister and I all went out for a girls afternoon. We started with lunch at Lynden's Cup of Tea It is the most adorable little place in the world! They serve all kinds of fancy teas, served in your own pot with a cozy, little sandwiches- some on croissants and some cut into little tea sandwiches, homemade soup, and scones for dessert. Each little nook is decorated differently and the service is fantastic, they just pamper you. We sat in the Hydrangea room and just loved it. Then we went to a little shop run by a Vietnamese couple for pedicures! My mom and Sharon both had the woman do their feet and the man did mine. I have to say she did a much better job than he did! I had to take the polish and fix the paint job myself!! We relaxed and really enjoyed the pampering though. It was a great afternoon with 2 great girls. I would have liked another week out there but it's good to be home (even though my house is now a disaster!) Time to unpack!

July 2, 2006

Vancouver must hate Canada

Fireworks have been banned? BANNED? Ok this is the same city that holds Vancouver Celebration of Light Fireworks Competition for weeks on end every summer, with entries from countries all over the world, and they BAN fireworks for Canada Day? Hmmm. Ok, I understand Vancouver is an arid wasteland where one spark from a firework could send the dry fields up in flames..... oh wait, um....??? Anyway, Canada Day was just as eventful watching Joe suck up nitricoxide (for healing purposes of course) from a tank that looked like he could strap it to his back and fly at mach speeds. But no fireworks.