May 31, 2011

a pedicure question

I'm warning you this isn't very exciting but as I already explained I don't have a lot of blog-post-preparation time these days, but I do want to discuss something:

This morning while I was clipping my toenails (how lovely, you can just picture it right?) I remembered this time I went for a pedicure and as the gal was just about to paint my toenails I asked if she could please trim and shape them first. She looked up at me like are you serious? and said she would but that it was a strange request that she had never been asked before. Whaaaaaa? She was giving me a pedicure which by definition is: professional care and treatment of the feet, as removal of corns and trimming of toenails. Trimming of toenails right? It's not like I asked her to give me highlights. Anyway. It made me wonder if I was the only ragamuffin out there that doesn't trim my own toenails in preparation for a pedicure. That led me to think about other similar situations, like the times I wash my hair before I go to the hairdresser, or my girlfriend that cleans the house before the housekeeper shows up. 

Do we just not want people to see us in our unkempt state when our unkempt state is the very reason we are employing their services? 

Are you a pre-pedicure toenail trimmer or a pre-hair appointment hair washer? 

May 26, 2011

Update and giveaway prize revealed

Pssst..... yooohooooo.... over here! Remember me? 

Hi cyberfriends!

I would like to propose that the busiest people in the months of May through August, second to Vivint managers, are the mothers of their children! I don't recognize my life although I am not complaining. I'll leave it at that as the reason for my absenteeism. 

Things are going well. We moved to new apartments in Saskatoon. (Apparently I have mislead you... or I guess just didn't tell you at all, that we actually spent our first month in Prince Albert. My own sister who evidently gathers information about me solely through this blog, didn't know that. So sorry friends, I was in Prince Albert, but now as you all believe anyway, am in Saskatoon.) The apartments are fine. Yes, small-letters-fine. Once all our own stuff was moved in and the work of my Scentsy, 2 Bath and Body Works plug-ins and 3 hanging car fresheners had banished the stenches that occupied the place, it's actually going to be great. The rooms are small but we have lots of storage and the location is awesome. We even have a backyard space *clapping* so things are going well.

So remember that time I offered to do a giveaway for gaining more readers and then didn't post anything for like the next 15 days? Yeah, me too. Well to entice you all to keep checking back here (and inviting your friends to do the same) I want to announce what the giveaway prize will be! You have all heard me rave about how much I love my Moroccan Oil right? Well, let it be written that once this blog reaches 100 readers a bottle of Moroccan Oil will be given away to one of them (and maybe a few other goodies too!) Yippeee, I hope I win! Oh wait.

Thanks for checking in, I promise to show up more often.

May 10, 2011

something big has happened

I didn't want to announce anything until I was absolutely sure and I think it's safe to say I am certain.

Hold on to your hats folks:

I've found a mascara that I like more than Loreal Voluminous. *gasp* It is hard to believe since I've been loyal to that product since I first started using mascara in junior high and I have recommended it to many a girlfriend. I still think it's a fantastic product but I've fallen in love with someone else. I've used up 2 tubes before I felt confident enough to make this announcement.

Maybelline Volum' Express THE TURBO

There are a few reasons why I like it better: in my opinion it is less gloopy and separates my lashes better. Which is not something I thought Voluminous lacked I just notice this does it better. I haven't struggled with chronic under eye smudging from Voluminous as lots of girls have but I can sympathize with them as it has happened on occasion. With this mascara that has never happened. Lastly the main reason I like this mascara more is because I find it less messy on my eyelids. I always had to do a Q-tip clean up from mascara smudges all over my eyelids which I just figured was part of mascara-ing but this mascara is far less messy and I often don't have to do a wipe up at all. Bonus!

If you're looking for a new mascara I'd recommend giving this one a chance, I was surprisingly impressed.  

May 6, 2011

why didn't I think of this?

My adorable cousin shared with me the most useful tip when it comes to giving children a juice box. I really must share.

We all know that as soon as you hand a child a juice box they grab it around the center and juice comes spurting out all over the place. Catherine showed me that if you lift the little tabs on either side first and hand it to the child telling them to grab it and hold it by the little tabs you avoid spills and leaks altogether! Genius! Porter loves the little "handles" and I love that his shirt isn't covered in apple juice.

And don't forget to follow this blog! We're at 85 - with 15 more followers I'll be doing a fabulous giveaway and everyone is entered! Invite your friends!

May 5, 2011

showing Vex some love

As I said our camera passed away before we left, so when I found these photos I forgot to post a while back I decided to throw them up now as my posts have all been pretty wordy lately.

When I get asked what my favorite MAC eyeshadow is I can never give a final answer. I usually end up giving a list of about 6 and then another 12 honorable mentions. One that definitely makes the top of the list every time is Vex. It is just such a fun and unique color that is easy to wear and to pair with other colors. The MAC website calls it beige, with pink/green pearl and it shows as a beautiful shimmery iridescent color. It's a versatile color that compliments many shades, I wear it with purples and pinks, greens or brown and darker greys or black. Really, I wear Vex with everything. One of my favorite combinations is Vex with Sketch - a dark purple, burgundy color. I love how they compliment each other and how the Sketch pulls out the pink in the Vex.  Anyway, here's a FOTD with Vex, Sketch and a little Smut to darken the outer V.

Oh, and a pretty sweet hair-do too.

If you are new to MAC eyeshadows Vex may be a great place to start. It is unique, has awesome color pay off and looks great on everyone.

May 4, 2011

a better attitude

Yesterday was a crappy day. I can't help but feel that after my gripe-y post yesterday that negativity breeds negativity so TODAY I'm going to say all the things I'm super grateful for and then I have no choice but to have an awesome day! :)

  • First of all obviously, my kids. Right now I'm listening to them play in their room together and I can hear Porter making Rigby giggle. I don't know what other sound warms my heart so much. All the frustration of them being little turkeys is whisked away when Porter hugs my leg, looks up and says "I love you momma!" or when Rigby wrinkles his nose and leans in to give me a big open mouth kiss. 
  • Good friends. Part of what makes this job so fun is the people you get to spend your summers with. I love being surrounded by the other wives, spending our days being widows together. I am grateful for the good friends I have at home too. So many of them write and call and ask how we're doing, it's nice to not be forgotten! 
  • My bed. I know it sounds trivial but when you are away from home you just want to have somewhere comfortable and familiar. We always bring all our own bedding and try to make things as homey as possible. This morning I made Porter come snuggle me in bed and it still felt like home. 
  • Skype and FaceTime. I always appreciate being able to see people and talk face to face. 
  • A long hallway for Porter to ride his bike down. We prop open our door and he spends a lot of his day riding his bike up and down the hall outside. It's awesome he can ride his bike while I can get other things done.
  • My super awesome husband. He is working so hard and I'm really proud of him. He is incredibly busy and has a lot on his plate yet he always asks about my day and how I'm doing and finds a way in the day to make me feel special. Gawl, he's great. 
That's better. 

May 3, 2011

stuff that drives me bananas

  • Rigby, at every meal. Ok, not Rigby himself but the fact that I have to sweep and spot mop after every time the child eats. He gets more on the floor than he does in his mouth. I'll be glad when this stage is over. 
  • When Porter is in the bathroom taking care of #2 and he says he's done and ready for me to come in and wipe - just to have me wipe him and then tell me he's actually not done and needs to go some more. This can happen up to 3 times per poop so now I just leave him for a good few minutes whether he says he's done or not. I don't really want to wipe his bum one time, let alone 3! 
  • When it's windy and my hair gets stuck in my lipgloss. 
  • Coin laundry. This is my first experience with it and dude, it's a pain in the rear.
  • When my nail polish chips prematurely. I'm not really a big nail polish-er cause sometimes I feel like you don't get enough back for the effort you have to put in.
  • The hot water that comes out of the taps here. I mean I appreciate hot water but this is scalding, right from the faucet! I am having to be really careful. 
 Ah there, I feel better having that off my chest. 

Anything got your goat lately?!

    May 2, 2011

    a poll

    Two words: TOE CLEAVAGE

    I think it's hot. Where do you stand on the subject?
    (I was trying to make some toe joke and 'stand' is as close as I could get. Pretty weak.)