December 30, 2006

You say it's your birthday....

...well it's my birthday too ya! And since I recently had the opportunity to experience exactly what it's like to bring a child into this world (see Vicky's blog), I have so much more appreciation for my mother doing this for me 24 years ago today. Thanks Mom. I don't have much planned for today but it's my birthday so I get what I want. I wish this happened more than once a year.

December 23, 2006

Lip Gloss Anonymous

I have a serious addiction. It's been a problem for a while now but I think it's really starting to get out of hand. At my most recent count I own seventeen lip glosses. SEVENTEEN LIP GLOSSES! That's almost disgusting! There's something about them, the way they sparkle and shimmer and call my name, I can't help it. Sure there's a few disadvantages to wearing so much lip gloss- like getting kisses on my cheek instead of on my lips, when the wind blows my hair and it sticks to my lips, or the way the glass I am drinking out of has sticky wax across the top, eeew pop cans are the worst! But these things aside there's nothing to compete with the way a slick of shiny pink gloss finishes off a pretty face. I need to join a support group.

December 14, 2006

This is just too much

So I was on the Google searching for funny cartoons or something about people talking in their sleep because (as usual) Neil was talking in his sleep last night and I was going to blog about it and how funny it was, (much like the time he told me that we needed to "increase Wesley's wages.") But in doing this googling I came across this..... the CREEPIEST SITE EVER. It's just pictures of people sleeping. People. Sleeping.
I'm not using the internet anymore.

December 12, 2006

Do you have it?!

I'm crushed. I can't find my most very favorite recipe book. I made it myself in high school before leaving home for college. I named it College Courses, get it... courses.... hahaa. What a witty young girl I was. Anyway, it's lost, and I'm devastated. If I have lent it to you or you have seen it somewhere please let me know.
I'm only making tea and toast for supper until it's found.

December 1, 2006

Silly Mom

My mom called the other day cause she couldn't remember the address to this site. She called asking for my "bogus page." I laughed. She's awesome.