March 31, 2010


I consider myself a very healthy person. I rarely visit the doctor and my prescription drug history is a short list of birth control and some medication I needed for a case of shingles (which also gave me a whole week off work while feeling relatively fine. Awesome.) Anyway, as was the case with Porter I have visited the doctor more since having Rigby than I have all year. The after effects of having a baby kinda wreak havoc on my body, as I'm sure is the case with lots of gals. It's never anything really serious, just little things that need to be tended to. This is the fruit basket of pills I am currently taking daily. I had to document it because I think it's hilarious and ridiculous.

The three beige capsules are Acidophilus probiotic bacteria cultures which are helping me fight the thrush that Rigby and I have.

The two brown capsules are Grapefruit Seed Extract which is also helping fight the yeast.

The small white pill is Diflucan which is an actual prescription to fight thrush. (Side note: Porter and I had THE WORST case of thrush that lasted for about 3 months. When I realized Rigby and I had it I started doing everything under the sun to get rid of it.)

The pink pill is my prenatal vitamin which is important postnatal too. :)

The two red capsules are stool softeners (I'm just being honest here!)

And finally the two bigger white pills are antibiotics for a bladder infection I just incurred.

This may all be too much information but I seriously have to laugh. Porter watches me pop all these pills and I'm sure he's just making memories of his mother, the druggie.


We have had these 2 dressers in our garage for quite some time.

I have hated the dressers that were in our room for also quite some time.

So a couple weeks ago (the day before I had Rigby to be exact) we decided to pull these dressers out and refinish them. It actually went quite quickly and wasn't as difficult a job as I thought it was going to be. We took a sander to each of them and then spray painted them with primer and black paint. I loved using spray paint as it got into all the little nooks and was very quick to dry however I wouldn't use it for such a large project next time. We went through something like 9 cans of spray - a bit pricey. We added some new great hardware and voila - I am so happy with the results and so happy to have those other dressers out of my room.

AND... as an added bonus - my mom suggested I move the one cloth dresser down into the toy room for Porter to put all his toys in. I am SO thrilled with it! He can put all his toys in it and then close it for a neat and tidy look. I didn't take a picture of the before but picture a big red bucket OVERFLOWING with toys in a big heap. This is SO much tidier - yay!

March 27, 2010


I was just finishing up something in the kitchen when Rigby started to cry in his crib. When I got to his room Porter was standing on the side of his crib singing Twinkle Little Star to him. So. Cute. I just stood back and watched. When he was done singing Porter said "It's ok Rigby, I'm here."


March 26, 2010


This lamp has been needing a little TLC for quite some time now. The base is great but the white shade is yellowing and full of scuffs and marks. I decided to tackle it today so I bought a fat quarter to match our room and some bias tape with piping and recovered it. It was super easy and really fast and it looks so much better than before!

March 25, 2010

Name blocks

I made these name blocks for Rigby. Porter already has his name hanging in their room and I figured Rigby needed to leave his mark too. I think they turned out cute!

March 22, 2010

Rigby Todd Forsyth

Everyone likes a good labor story right?! Well if you don't feel free to keep on keepin' on cause that's what this is.

Rigby Todd Forsyth

I woke up on Tuesday morning at about 3:50 am with contractions, REAL contractions. I laid there for a little while to see if they kept coming and sure enough they did. I got up and went downstairs to watch tv and keep my mind occupied. The contractions never did regulate themselves and timing them was impossible. I'd have one and then not have another one for 10 minutes and then I'd have three in like 5 minutes. I remember them being like that with Porter so I paid more attention to the strength of them than the time between them. At 5:30 they became quite painful and strong so I went upstairs to wake Neil to help me through them. We only sat downstairs for a few minutes before I told him we had actually better get going. The contractions were getting really strong and I could feel a lot of pressure.
We got to the hospital at about 6:30 am and checked in through emergency. The lady asked if she could help me and I said "yeah, I'm in labor." She looked at me and asked how far along I was because she couldn't even tell I was pregnant from the front (hello?!?!) I told her I was due in 5 days and she said she would speed things up. When I got up to the labor and delivery suite and checked in at the desk there the gal had a few questions for me:
"How far apart are your contractions?"
"They aren't regular, I can't time them."

"Did your water break?"

"Are you bleeding?"

I'm sure she thought, ok girl, come and we'll listen to your little baby and then we'll send you home because what you are feeling is a little indigestion! We went into a room and she said she just wanted to check the contractions for a while. She put a band on my tummy to measure what was going on in there. She said she'd leave that on for a while and come back to see how I was. She was only gone for a few minutes when I told Neil he had better go find her to check me because I was having a lot of pressure and maybe she didn't believe me but this baby was coming! She came back and checked me and sure enough I was 6 centimeters dilated. She said "Ok! I'll go call the doctor and we'll get a room ready and let's have a baby!" As she was leaving I called to her, "I'm going to want an epidural!" (Yeah, I've got priorities. It saved my life with Porter!) and she just said we'd have to wait for the doctor. I remember at that point turning to Neil and saying there was not time, I wasn't going to be able to get one cause this baby was on it's way.
We got to the delivery suite just before 8:00 am and when the doctor arrived he checked and I was at 7 centimeters so he broke my water to help things along. The contractions were so strong and so incredibly, horribly, ridiculously painful I asked once more about an epidural but the doctor confirmed there wasn't enough time and if I did get one it would probably kick in just in time for me to hold my baby. I thought ok, I've just got to do this then. I moaned and groaned with each contraction and did my best to writhe and breathe through them. I remember telling Neil after I had Porter that it actually wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be. Well this was far worse than I could ever imagine it to be, HA! Neil coached me and encouraged me and we got through them. When I was at 8 centimeters the nurse told me to lay on my side to help shift baby and move things along. After a few minutes she said "I know the last thing you want to do right now is move but if you could get up to pee that would really help baby come faster." Excuse me?! Get up to pee?! I figured I couldn't be in any more agony and if it would help things get over faster I might as well do it so I got up and almost as soon as I sat down in the bathroom I said, "I'm ready to push!"
I got back to the bed, the doctor checked and said sure enough, go for it! I pushed through a couple contractions and once the head and shoulders were out I kinda stopped pushing. I think I was waiting for the baby to just slip out - that's what Porter did, once his big head was through everything else just fell out, haha. The doctor said "you've got to keep pushing!" and I was like oh, I thought my job was done! So I pushed a couple more times and then he was out. Rigby Todd Forsyth was born March 16th, at 8:44 am, after just about exactly 5 hours of labor and after 7 minutes of pushing, not bad!
I looked down before anyone could say anything and saw that it was a BOY! I had told many people that a girl would be lovely but if I could place an order I'd ask for another boy, and I got him! A brother for Porter, another son, I couldn't be more THRILLED!
The nurses took him away to check him over and kept commenting on what a big baby he was and what a big head he had. Neil and I knew he wasn't as big as Porter but I was anxious to hear his stats. He weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz, 20 1/2 inches long with a head circumference of 36.5 centimeters. That's still a BIG boy!

The doctor looked him over and told me he was perfect... which of course I already knew.

March 19, 2010

My 2 Sons

March 14, 2010

39 Weeks

Well here I am at 39 weeks. I can honestly say I didn't think I'd make it to today pregnant. I've been having a lot of signs that baby's coming but I guess in this case the slow and steady win the race. I am getting so anxious for this little one to get here, to finally find out what I'm having, to see who baby looks like and to count all those little fingers and toes - not to mention to get rid of the circus that has taken over my abdomen. Seriously, you try carrying a Forsyth in a Todd's body! Anyway, I know it's only a few days away so until then I am really enjoying the naps, full night sleeps and my time with just Porter Boy - our lives will be forever changed once this little bundle makes it's appearance!

March 13, 2010

Rock around the clock

When I had Porter I didn't have a rocking chair and I was fine with that, I had no idea what I was missing. I nursed him one day at my sister in law Mandy's house in her rocking chair and I promised myself that for my next baby I would have a rocker recliner - it was amazing! We found this one for a great deal at Ashley Furniture (like the same price I've seen used ones posted for - yay!) It arrived the other day and we re-arranged Porter's/the baby's room to fit it in. I think it looks great and what's more it FEELS great! Now I just need a baby.

March 12, 2010

Quick Fix

Porter is really into his clothes right now, he loves to pick what to wear every morning and has a name for all his shirts. He wants to wear his "bike shirt," his "dino shirt," his "basketball shirt," etc. (I didn't say they were creative names!)

I was thinking it would be really fun for him to have a "big brother" shirt for when the baby comes and since I don't really have the time or desire to go out looking for one I decided to make one. I took a plain blue shirt that he usually just wears under things and with my (very) limited computer knowledge I created a little logo. I chose this font because not only is it adorable it is all squares which makes cutting it out very easy and doesn't leave any finicky unfinished edges on the letters. I printed it onto iron on transfer paper, cut it out, placed it back on the shirt and voila! Super cute!

I'm going to pack it in my hospital bag and he can put it on when he comes to meet his new little brother/sister!

March 11, 2010

Reasons I should go into labor tonight

1. I am fat and sore and don't want to be pregnant for another minute.

2. I have been having all the glamorous tell tale signs that a woman's body is preparing for labor. At least my body is considering the idea!

3. It is no longer the 10th - nobody wants to have their baby on an ICKY old boyfriend's birthday.

4. My rocker recliner arrived today and has taken up residence in the baby/Porter's room and is ready to start rocking.

5. My peek-a-boob is done, my baby wrap is done and my baby bouncy chair is done. I don't really know what more I need.

6. I had an awesome sleep last night and have felt really good all day. I definitely have the strength and energy for hours of labor. Yeah.

7. I could be in and out of the hospital by Sunday so we, or at least Neil, could still go hear Elder Bednar speak. I'm sure I'm going to screw that up for us.

8. Betty Lou has Fridays off.

9. I told myself I was going to will this baby out by the 12th - that day is tomorrow.

Let's get this party started!


I have made quite literally hundreds of these nursing covers and I try to put the same care and attention into each one. I have to say the one I made today has a little extra love sewn into it though, this is the cover for my new baby - if it would ever get here!

March 10, 2010

Before and After

Well instead of being in labor all day like I would have liked, I worked on a project with my friend Laura. We both had baby bouncy chairs that we wanted to recover so we tackled that project. I'd like to say it was super easy and quick but it really wasn't. It was however worth the work because they turned out so cute!

We picked out this cute retro fabric and I didn't even remember I had the PERFECT coordinating solid yellow fabric for the backing at home. It worked out great and I developed a new love for bias tape.

Here's the before and after.

March 4, 2010

Twist Dress

Ok, obviously I'm not looking for a bridesmaid, and obviously this isn't a style I would wear anyway but check this out, it's amusing just the same!

(And looking at the models in the video I'm not sure which "girls" they are referring to... hardy har har!)

March 2, 2010

Pregnant Brain

Well since the baby is due in less than THREE WEEKS now you can imagine I am in the thick of preparing, planning and organizing. One of the major things I have to work out is where to take Porter Boy when the big show starts. Trying to decide what will work best and be easiest the thought SERIOUSLY crossed my mind "well, what did I do with him last time?!!"

Oh. Right.