January 17, 2007

It's Vintage!

When my parents were here in December they brought me some boxes that had been in storage at their house. In going through these boxes I came across a lot of my elementary school stuff. In this old school stuff I found 4 or 5 duotangs with "Michelle Todd" scribbled across the front in my best grade 2 printing, and inside were sheets of clean, unused lined paper. Not one to waste things I set them aside. When Neil needed paper for his new semester at school I told him about these duotangs. Now my husband in his 4th year of university is going to school with my leftover grade 2 workbooks. Awww.


  1. You are so resourceful. I found so many half used scribblers when I cleaned out our office it was ridiculous!

  2. I've seen how Neil writes and spells. A lot of people may mistake his work for that of a grade 2 student.


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