February 2, 2007

Daddies Little Girl

Those of us who read People magazine on a weekly basis are kept up to date and in the know of all the goings on in the celebrity world. I find it oh so entertaining as I sit all alone in the lunch room at work. One such story that caught my intrigue is the birth of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl. There are speculations on who the father of little Danilynne is and I find it all too amusing. Is it the ex-boyfriend who cries on TV, or perhaps the creepy lawyer that flaunts his chest hair? A judge has ordered a paternity test to put this all to rest. I can hardly wait for the results- where are they already?!


  1. If you want the results even quicker, read Perez Hilton's website.

  2. Did you hear the latest news about her? It's not good. She died today. (That's not a joke.)


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