February 21, 2009

Tag, you're it!

Jennifer tagged me and I decided I'd only do it if my photo was cool and it IS so here it goes.... you're supposed to go to your 6th photo album, find the 6th photo and post it with a story. This is mine:

This photo is of my husband Neil (best friend/ex-fiance at the time) mountain biking in the coulees. This is the day he crashed and BRO-OKE his leg. I couldn't leave it at that so here are a few more photos of that special day!

A 10 inch plate, 12 screws, a week in the hospital with 6 months on crutches and he's as good as new! And the best part is we DID get married too! He got off his crutches 3 days before our wedding and he finally gets the plate and screws out this fall.

I tag Catherine, Sara, Heidi and Mandy (and anyone else with a great photo!)


  1. I love those pictures! I think about that story quite often, actually...although I never knew he was your ex at one point. Innnnnnnnteresting.

  2. I just did one too, but only because my picture was awesome.

  3. I'm so glad it wasn't the picture of his leg that he posted on his blog. That was nasty.


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