February 13, 2009

Terrible... Fourteen Months??

I'm not sure what broke into my house and took over my little boy but I don't think I like it. Over the past week or so he has become a real little rascal and doesn't show signs of stopping. I thought behaviors like this weren't supposed to hit for another 10 months! The following is only a sampling of the past week's antics:

-One afternoon Porter got into my sewing drawer and dumped out all my bobbins, D rings, and every spool of thread. He then un-spun one spool through the entire basement.
-The other morning he threw his full sippy cup into the toilet I had not 3 minutes earlier just peed in (ya know, cause it's not like I get to use the facilities with the door closed or anything).
-He INSISTS on pulling out the chairs to climb onto the kitchen table 7 MILLION TIMES A DAY!
-I found him eating his dad's deodorant.
-I don't know how many times he has waded up to his little ankle in the cat's water dish, and then splashes it around so I have to change his socks and pants... and mop up the carpet.
-He has broken umpteen necklaces and one headband
-He wanders off a few times a day, climbs into his Chariot (of which he can't climb out) and then just yells "stuck...stuck....stuck..." until I come rescue him.
-He is very persistent and when we take him to another room to "talk" he just screams through the scolding and then starts to laugh.... LAUGH.
-Last but not least, and certainly my favorite - he gets into the box of tampons and scatters them throughout the house. On more than one occasion I have seen him giving them to Wesley (I still haven't decided who actually gets to them first) who then hides them under the couch and under my bed. It's seriously ridiculous.

I used to hear moms tell stories like these and wonder, "Well where were you while all this was going on?!" Now I know.... in the time it takes to clean one mess they've gone in the other room to start on another one.

But man this is one cute mess!


  1. oh it is so much fun isn't it? It never ends...ever...well maybe by the time you are an empty nester....but then it's the Grandkids, but only when they visit.

  2. Rachel WolffFebruary 13, 2009

    Oh my gosh Michelle, you totally had me laughing. I'm laughing now, I'll be crying later when it's my turn.

    By the way, that video of him in your high heels is PRICELESS. I made Cub come watch it. It's so freakin' cute!!

  3. OH hilarious!!!!! but he's so darn cute, all you can do is smile!hahah

  4. Michelle! Im glad i found your blog too! Porter is adorable. I enjoy working at good sam's but i wont be there for long b/c were moving back to Texas. I noticed you make nursing covers...i'll have to get a hold of you when we are expecting one day!

  5. Oh look at that face, and that hair! What a sweetie. He couldn't possibly be guilty of all that mischief!


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