April 29, 2009


Well all of the horrible things people have said about it seem to be true. Nah, it's not that bad... but it's close! I'm not giving up hope on it yet (since I've only been here 4 days...) because I believe once things start turning green it can only get better. It's not the most beautiful place I've ever visited that's for sure - but I am starting to find a few things I like - "The Pond" pub outside my door (the sarcasm is dripping....), the gorgeous legislative building and grounds and Polo Park Mall, plus the Dollarama down the street that has completed my makeshift kitchen. Today I took Neil to his office and found the way back all on my own so that's awesome. Here's to 4 months!


  1. Glad you're adjusting to life in Winnipeg, I miss you already!

  2. it gets really green there, just wait....

    just don't get shot...



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