July 1, 2009

Canada Day KFC

For the last few years now we have had a tradition of meeting for a Canada Day picnic lunch of KFC with Jace and Vicky, Colin and Cynthia and whoever else would like to join. This summer it's not going to happen and I'm really going to miss it. We are in Winnipeg, Colin and Cynthia are in Thunder Bay, and Jace and Vik are at home in Lethbridge. It's awesome when your best friends are family but it's not so awesome when you're all miles apart! Happy Canada Day you guys!

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  1. We missed you all so much that we didn't even have KFC on our own. Well, that and Kenny and Mandy feel asleep before they come over to get some. Hahahah. Next year maybe we'll have some. Or, we could just make our own KFC holiday for when you are home. I'm in!


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