January 8, 2010


I am impressed at the programs for toddlers and pre-schoolers that Lethbridge has to offer. There are a variety of programs and at a variety of facilities (do people use that word "facilities" - I think it's a Rec Therapist thing.) Aaaaanyway - Porter and I have enjoyed Babes in the Library in the past but I wanted to take him to more programs now that he is a little older and especially since we have a baby on the way and I may refuse to leave the house with 2 children for quite some time once it arrives. I looked into a few things and it seems as though I can keep Porter busy almost every morning of the week! The programs we have chosen to attend are PACT (Parents and Children Together) at the Family Center on Monday mornings, Time for 2's at the library on Tuesday and Gym Time at the YMCA on Friday mornings. I think Porter will really benefit from getting out and about and I'll feel like I'm being a good mom. If anyone would like to join us it would be great to have some company!

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  1. oh my god, that is a cute picture with the baby upside down. just passing through!


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