February 24, 2010

I did it!

Ok, so I convinced myself that it was ok to go and buy the black closed toe shoes at Aldo that I've been back to visit twice now. I went with Laura who is my most honest-opinion-giving-friend and even though I knew she would tell me they were ugly I was buying them. I tried them on and she confirmed how hideous she thought they were but that I should still buy them because I love them so much (what a good friend.) We talked about my other options (cheaper options) but I really don't want a shoe that just looks like every other girl's shoes at church, and these are definitely not that. I took them to the till and guess what - THEY WERE ON SALE! Happy day! Ok here they are... judge not.


  1. Oh my gosh, those are aweful! They most likely look cute on you. No fair.

  2. Only you could pull off something like that! Yikes!

  3. I LOVE them!


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