March 25, 2010

Name blocks

I made these name blocks for Rigby. Porter already has his name hanging in their room and I figured Rigby needed to leave his mark too. I think they turned out cute!


  1. So cute! How did you end up making the letters? Did you cut them out of paper?

  2. Michelle, they turned out sooooo
    cute. I can't see the papers, but
    they look adorable. Wish I had had
    time to help you with them. I miss
    you but had a great time while I was there. Give those boys kisses from me.

  3. Michelle!
    Those are Adorable!! I can't wait to do something like that for M and P!!...Where did you buy your blocks? I may just have to do that soon :)...(and you thought you weren't crafty)


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