March 4, 2010

Twist Dress

Ok, obviously I'm not looking for a bridesmaid, and obviously this isn't a style I would wear anyway but check this out, it's amusing just the same!

(And looking at the models in the video I'm not sure which "girls" they are referring to... hardy har har!)


  1. Ah! I want one just because I think it would be fun to play with. The MANY references to the "girls" was too much for me to handle. Classssy! The side boob was also super classy. I definitely enjoyed that, thanks!

  2. That's kind of amazing actually!! I love the purple color! I loved it when they said you could cover up so you weren't showing so much skin, but the girls back was like totally bare!!

  3. ha ha! That last 'anonymous' post was mine!!! Missed a step!!


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