June 25, 2010

It was 20 years ago today.

Well hmmm, that's not entirely true, but that's how the song goes....


It was one year ago today I left my cart of groceries sitting in the aisle at Safeway after I got the call that Michael Jackson had died. I mean MICHAEL JACKSON just DIED, how do you just carry on picking up your strawberries and dryer sheets? Grocery shopping is not something you do after you get news like that. Anyway, here's to MJ. Gone too soon.


  1. My mom and I were just talking about that. I can't believe you left your groceries! Only you would do something like that. Still so sad to lose someone so talented. We should have an MJ party sometime when I'm home. We could even dress up!!!

  2. I loved his music!! Still can't believe he is gone.


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