June 3, 2010

A question for moms.

Porter has a potty mouth these days. He's really big into poop and butt jokes and it seems like the more I get after him about it the worse it gets. I'm wondering if I've done myself a disservice by making a big deal about it when perhaps if I had ignored it he would have gotten it out of his system (no pun intended) and we'd be over it by now. He is definitely aware that it is something that gets him attention and will make sure I hear it when he talks like this.

The other day I was folding laundry and he was sitting beside me. He was saying "stinky poop" or some other intelligent phrase and when I completely ignored him he called my attention to it "mom, stinky poop, mom, mom, mom, stinky poop!" When I continued to ignore him he climbed up to get right in my face and said "momma, stinky poop, stinky poop momma!" I actually had to leave the room to keep from laughing and making matters worse but... honestly child! He clearly knows that it is something that gets him attention and now uses it for such. It makes me wonder if I should ignore the next bad thing that comes out of his mouth so he doesn't try to use it against me!

When your child says a bad word do you immediately reprimand them or do you ignore it as to not make a big deal so they keep saying it?


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    Oh, no, it's "toilet talk." Do you remember in our house how much I hated that?!!? It comes to every home via every child that ever lives, so don't feel like your son is the only one. I don't know what the latest advice is about this, but somehow you grew out of it as did your sisters.

  2. Ya if you figure this one out please let me know. So far the only thing I have been able to get to work is when Talan says something and I tell him we don't speak like that and if (when) he keeps saying it I tell him "Talan I am going to leave the room and you can't come around me until you are going to speak nicely". That usually works(for now at least). Good luck

  3. I personally have NO EXPERIENCE with this as my children would NEVER do anything like that! But I have heard that maybe you tell him that that kind of talk belongs in the bathroom--and he can serve his "time out" in the bathroom. If that doesn't work then maybe he gets to do some "work" while he is in the bathroom..."clean" the floor or something? Poopy talk is kept for the Poopy room!

  4. i like the advice that has been given already, too bad my kids are past that stage! i'm surprised he learned it this early, my boys usually learned it from other kids in primary or school. it's usually a boy thing too! They will always thing potty talk is funny...i don't get it.

    What worked with my kids was 2 things and this worked for potty words and those stray swears that they hear out in the world and decide to try out.

    1. I would tell them that if they chose to use words like that that then they would have to call someone that they really really loved, like grandma or a special teacher and tell them what they did. It usually happened only once or twice and then it stopped. make sure you let the special person in on your plan beforehand though.

    2. Our first son loved to good and was always saying things to his siblings like - 'jesus doesn't like you to poke me' or 'heavenly father is happy when we go to church' or ' jesus said we shouldn't smoke, right mom?'. so sometimes when he would use improper words all we had to do was tell him that Heavenly Father and Jesus were very sad when he chose to use those words. well, for him that was the most awful thing you could tell him...big tears would well up and he would feel awful.

    hope all this helps, and remember it is a phase and he will grow out of it. =)

  5. I learned in college that this is actually quite a normal phase for children, especially boys. They're just learning about their bodies and all the functions associated with it! But they're also learning about boundaries and how far they can go before you stop them! I've never had to deal with that, at least not yet!! Eden would never say anything like that, but I'm sure Grady will! So my advice, be consistent. Choose a consequence and stick with it. Good luck!!!


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