June 27, 2010

This city should rise to Heaven

- A lyric from the last song the soundtrack band played at Improvaganza this weekend (and if you are looking for some amazing bluegrass/country check out a band from Winnipeg, The Magnificent Sevens - they were fantastic.

Aaaand I have to agree. I kinda love Edmonton.

This city is not only beautiful, clean and fresh, it is not only riddled with tons of fun and exciting things to do (like go to an improv comedy festival - SO FUN!) ... everyone is SO. DARN. FRIENDLY. I can not count how many times I have been helped by complete strangers now. On numerous occasions someone stops to hold the door so I can push my train - I mean stroller, through. Every time I approach a set of stairs in the mall (yes stairs, you'd think they'd have a ramp.....) someone always offers to help carry my boys down. The other day a man in my building helped me carry all my groceries from the one set of elevators to the next and then INTO my apartment! Aaaand a transient lady on the street said something cute to my boys and then called me "pretty lady" (and she wasn't asking for anything...)

Like, I love this place!

I just find that every time I go out I'm greeted by kind people who don't mind lending a hand. That would never happen somewhere I may or may not have spent 5 months last summer (cough, cough, Winnipeg, cough.) I'm just really impressed by this city and am truly enjoying my time here but I am however grateful to be leaving before winter cause I hear that's anooooother story...

Ps. Winnipeg's not that bad. (Kind of.)


  1. I agree I LOVED Edmonton in the summer! It's seriously the best it's hot and no wind. Plus downtown at the legislative building (I think it's been a few years)they have a nice area to go play in water and go on picnics. Plus if your ever bored what could be more fun than roaming West Ed mall for fun:) Enjoy your Edmonton summer!

  2. I really enjoyed Edmonton when I was there for just a couple months. In August there is a fringe festival on White Ave free!! With street proformers, food, music, booths and so much FUN. What a great city to spend a summer!

  3. You should call the paper and put an ad in - maybe the front page - I hear that really helps business...


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