July 26, 2010


Do you ever have days as a mom where you think man, I really stink at this job? Today is one of those days. Caring for Rigby is really easy- I feed him when he's hungry, put him to bed when he's tired, change his dirty diapers and love him in between. At 2 Porter is a little more work and honestly sometimes I'm not sure I'm cut out for the job. I'm pretty sure I let him watch too much TV, eat too much junk, I don't get down and play with him enough, I give in too easily which just encourages his whining, I get short with him too quickly, my initial response is most often "no" even if there's no reason for it, I don't teach him enough, and I feel like he can get whatever he wants - by like 7 he's going to be walking all over me. I don't want to be one of those moms. He really is such a wonderful child but he is STRONG WILLED and he is SMART and he is ARTICULATE and the combination is sometimes a challenge. I don't want to be hard on myself because as moms we do our best but I really think there are a lot of areas that need improvement.

Welp, tomorrow's another day.


  1. I remember when Connor (also 2) was little like Rigby and thought I was inadequate. Now...that seems easy compared to the toddler years! I just have to remind myself sometimes that, just like when there were hard times when he was a baby - this too shall pass! I can't even imagine having 2 kids and having the energy to do everything with your kids, let alone housework, cooking, personal grooming...yikes. By January you'll have to give me all your secrets! Don't worry Michelle, I'm sure things are better than you think...maybe?!

  2. Elise LeeJuly 26, 2010

    Personally, I think you are an awesome mom. I also think we all have those days when we think we suck as a mom. Sometimes it's the adversary whispering doubt and trying to bring us down. Other times these moments can give us the kick in the tooch we need to reassess where we are at and where we want to be. Whatever the reason, just remember that just like Porter and Rigby, you need to take it one step and a time, precept on precept and you will succeed.

    Just a thought: Porter might just be asking for a little bit more attention right now because he is still adjusting to Rigby's presence. It has nothing to do with jealousy, just a need to spend time with you and be heard. :)

    Hang in there! You are wonderful.

  3. I feel like that ALL the time! I usually feel like Owen is the "boss" of me... and I'm not exactly sure what to do about it. I'd guess that all moms feel discouraged and inadequate sometimes. Being a mom is the best job in the world. It's the most rewarding, but also the most difficult. I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job! Now if you made a list of all the reasons you think you're a good mom, I'm sure it would easily be twice as long, and then some! And now I guess I should take my own advice and do the same thing! :)

  4. Man! I can SOOOOO relate. I understand completely what you are saying. Sometimes it is just SO hard! I just hope and pray that I don't mess up my kids too much! :) But truthfully, I think we are harder on ourselves than ever at this stage because we loves the little fellas so much. Hang in there!


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