August 3, 2010

Mom Jeans

So I was laying in bed thinking about my post-baby body and the areas I'd still like to work on (exciting I know) and I think I invented mom jeans. Ok, I know they are already invented but now I can totally understand the function behind them, really. I was thinking how my jeans all fit but I hate the muffin top that hangs over the waistband and what could be done about that. All of my jeans are "low rise" to some degree and I decided that all I needed were some jeans with a higher waist. Now that I've had babies and have this new shape I need jeans that can hold it all in. *gasp* MOM-JEANS. Oh no you didant!! Ok, I'm not going to run out and buy a pair of these but I'm not so mocking of their use either.

(ps. have you seen this SNL skit? Fu-nny.)


  1. bahahah your freaking hilarious.. i love your posts! I agree though I need something to "hold it all in" lol.... like you do

  2. ummm its like you read my mind about the higher waist. I don't think that I can sport it though. I love your post on what you wore last week too Michelle. I feel like I need to go shopping as my wardrobe consists of a whole bunch of things that don't fit, too small and too big:)

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  4. Totally agree and understand!! : )
    and super funny..


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