August 6, 2010

The one-upper

Neil likes to one-up me. Actually I don't think he really likes it at all, let me explain.

Whenever I screw up and do something stupid Neil soon after messes up even worse, making mine look like no biggie. I'll illustrate: one time I backed up into a Shaw van (that was parked cross ways behind me, like hellooooo??) and cracked the bumper of our car. I was  horrified and felt so bad. A month later (on his birthday to boot, ha!) Neil slid into another vehicle and crunched the front of the car, cracking a headlight. (Poor car, I know.) Another time I accidentally left the van unlocked and our GPS was stolen. Three days later Neil left the back hatch of the van open and drove through our apartment parkade, shattering the entire back window. It cost double the price of the new GPS to have it fixed. Then, when I got a speeding ticket for $89 a couple weeks later sure enough Neil's showed up for over $100.

Soooo, thanks Neil! Nothing like having someone mess up worse than you to make you feel better about your mistakes!


  1. You guys are AWESOME!! I never heard about hitting the shaw van!! Really--these stories are PRICELESS!

  2. WOW! I'm not even surprised. Somethings just never change.


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