August 11, 2010


If nothing else doing this project will make me realize how fast the weeks fly by! Is it really Wednesday again already? Ok, so I had so much fun doing my WIWW last week and I couldn't believe how many comments I got, thank you everyone! I enjoy all the feedback so thank you! :)

I didn't get a picture of every outfit this week but I think I managed most of them so here they are, my WIWW #2:  

(and ps. my pictures are somehow going from bad to worse, I think it's time to go and invest in a full length mirror so I can cut out this stand-on-the-edge-of-my-bed-and-take-a-picture-in-my-bathroom-mirror-with-crappy-lighting nonsense.)

Leggings - LA Express
Yellow cowl neck top - hmmm, somewhere in Winnipeg. 
Scarf - Le Chateau outlet 
Sandals - Suzy Shier

Capris - Gap
Yellow cap sleeve - Shade
Yellow crochet top - Shade
Purple flats - Old Navy
Oversize ring - Ardene's
Earrings - I made 'em! 

Jeans - Bluenotes
White cap sleeve - Shade
Striped draped top - Urban Planet
Yellow ruffled flats - Urban Planet
Headband - H & M

 Skirt - thrifted (with the tags still on - score!)
Black cami - Shade (are you seeing a pattern developing?)
Blue top - Stitches (seeing it together now I'm not sure I love it with this skirt... probably won't pair them again.)
Wet slobber spot on my chest - Rigby
Nude wedge sandals - Urban Behavior (for $10!)

Jeans - Buffalo
White cap sleeve - Shade
Sweater vest - Forever 21
Belt buckle (that you can't even see, holy crappy photos)  - Cuff the Duke concert 
Metallic flats - Aldo

Goucho capris -  thrifted
Polka dot top - a shop in Vancouver (fun fact - it's a size XL, haha!)
Red spray painted flats

So there it is, another week! I'm linking up to


  1. did you spray paint the flats?
    love the purple shoes.
    every outfit is adorable.

    i use to bring a chair into the bathroom to see my whole outfit before i got a full length mirror.

  2. Love the cute shoes, purple, yellow, metallic, RED, you have a great collection of flats. You look great.

  3. You're so cute! I love you standing on your bed to get the whole outfit. I'm still trying to fit my whole-self in one picture. Such a challenge!

  4. Cute cute cute!! I love all your outfits. I wish it was cool enough here to wear jeans. Your shoes are so fun.

  5. love all the outfits, especially the last one. Love the spray painted flats!

  6. Wow you look great! I am way too lazy to dress up if I am staying home most of the day. I do love shade though and wear at least one item from there a day I bet.

  7. Oh you are SO CUTE!! I LOVE TUESDAY the best!! That sweater vest is adorable!! You are SO inspiring me to be cuter each day--and maybe even try to take a picture of myself and post it--but My camera issues and my no full length mirror issues are frustrating my efforts right now!! So keep up the good work--I will live vicariously thru you!

  8. I love the outfit with the red shoes!!

  9. You are super cute and I love every outfit.

    My favorite part is still that you are standing on the corner of your bed!!!!

    Saturday's outfit is my favorite outfit!


  10. I LOVE that H&M headband!

    And I absolutely adore the Wednesday outfit! CUTE top.

  11. Once again you look adorable in all your outfits. I'm guessing your XL shirt was a kids shirt?. I did that once buying a swim suit in high school I tried it on and then when I went to buy it I looked at the tag and it said size 14 or something on it. I was like there is no way but then I looked closer and realized it was a kids one.

  12. I found another WIWW team member that loves color- ;-) adore your saturday outfit and love those purple shoes and love, love the spray painted red flats... see you next week! ;-)

  13. Your too cute!! I love all of them!! Thanks for passing by my blog Get Craftin!! Take Care XOXO

  14. Love the yellow shoes!!!! I had never heard of Urban Planet till now, thanks for pointing me to some cute stuff! All of your outfits are so cute! Love that you took the pics standing on the bed haha!! Thanks for the comment on my WIWW on Seasons+Changes=LIFE...and no, clicking to make the pic bigger was not weird. If so then were both are since I do it all the time. Well have a great day and I will have to check you out next Wed!

  15. You have so many cute things! I wish we were the same size so I could steal them all when I'm there at Christmas!

  16. You are beautiful and your clothes only add to that! I may be prejudice but you are so photogenic, fashionable, adorable, funny, etc. Where did you come from?


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