September 30, 2010

$2.27 bracelet

I bought a few of these wood bead bracelets at the dollar store knowing I could pizazz them up somehow. 

I figured they would look adorable with a fabric rosette attached. (I told you to be prepared for fabric rosette overload!) I went to the fabric store and bought some silk. Don't let the high price scare you off, you only need a little. I got 4 inches for $1.27 and will be able to make a few rosettes from that.

I tore the fabric to make it fray and made a rosette. I hot glued it right on one of the wooden beads, and as the say, voila!

Cute right? It took all of 10 minutes (3 of which were an interruption to change a wet diaper) and cost exactly $2.27!


  1. Cute shirt! I can't wait for next week's WWIW. Oh yeah, and I love the bracelet too, I am loving the rosettes.

  2. Michelle, you are too clever--and you can rock anything! That is one cute bracelet. Will you make me some roses for a plain shirt I just bought and maybe a bracelet to go with it. It could be my Christmas present!!!!


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