October 15, 2010

Honey, I'm home!

And I love flying! Oh my gosh, I am so grateful we did not drive that trip, 12 hours there and 12 hours back! There's really something to be said about flying. Aaaaand not only do I love Westjet for making my vacation back-pain free and kids-screaming-in-the-car-pain free, I love them for holding on to the carseat strap we lost on the way there. When we arrived and were putting the carseats into my dad's car we realized that one of the straps was missing. My dad went back in to inquire about said strap and they could not find anything. We did without it all week and when we got to the airport yesterday to fly home we hadn't been in line for more than 2 minutes when one of the attendants approached us, asked us our name, and told us they had our carseat strap! They found it after we left, looked up our names (narrowing it down as we flew with an infant) and then looked up to see when we'd be back to fly home and held onto it until they saw us come in. Seriously. Is that not some incredible customer service?! We were SUPER impressed. Thank you Westjet. And thank you family for an awesome week.

I can not WAIT to show you some of my finds.

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