October 21, 2010

sewing kit turned jewelry box

When I found this baby in a thrift shop in Surrey I didn't think I'd be able to get her home for a make over any time soon. I thought I'd have to wait until we drove out there or until my parents drove this way. I was wrong. With my momma finding the perfect box and my dad doing an incredible packing job I sent this gem home on the plane with me. I couldn't wait to get it taken apart and glammed up a bit.

I used a screwdriver to take it all apart - my dad informed me a butter knife is not an acceptable tool for such jobs. Whaaa? When she was all in pieces I lightly sanded the whole thing, primed it with spray primer and began the spray painting.

When I placed it all back together I noticed that the tops of the boxes -where I purposely didn't paint- were showing and it looked really terrible.

I didn't have any spray paint left so I considered my options. I could either go buy another can of paint, carefully tape it off and spray the edges or I could run to Michaels and try and find a craft paint that matched. I chose the latter and couldn't believe the amazing match I found. It's EXACTLY the same color.I carefully painted the edges and then had my brother in law understudy husband replace the hinges.

When everything was good and dry I put it all back together (with a screwdriver) and attached the adorable knobs I bought from The Jasmine Room.

I am so thrilled with how it turned out. I think it's adorable and much prettier than the drab box I purchased.

 And because we all love a before and after:


  1. Ok--I LOVE IT!!! It is WAY better than I even imagined it could turn out!! And the knobs are amazing!! How cute are they? AND how awesome that you found the perfect craft paint? It is just perfect!!! The only thing is...I want to see it with all your jewels in it!!!! :o)

  2. Moo, it couldn't have turned out any cuter! It looks so awesome--you really had a vision of what it could be. Have you put your jewelry in it yet? And where did you decide to put it? I still can't picture it in a coral and brown bedroom, but I know I am still not used to a "pop of a different color" in fashion and decorating. I may get there someday--who knows?

  3. I love it! It is so cute.

  4. Oh my gosh, it's so cute! I was so wrong, the color is perfect.

  5. Why can't I find the time or energy to do any of this amazing fun crafty stuff? you keep posting the funnest things and I think to myself "hey , you've got that really cool thing you want to do, maybe you should get it done"...but that's as far as I've gotten in a long time. :(

  6. Cute idea, my mom has one of these, maybe I should see if I can use it for a jewelry box makeover.
    There's something for you on my blog.

  7. That turned out so cute! I love the color you used (what a lucky break to find the exact shade of craft paint!) and the knobs are perfection. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  8. Meech, Daddy (with a screwdriver)
    thinks you did a great job!

  9. Oh I want one!!! What an inspiration for that flea market diamond in the rough. Definitely on my list of projects AND it would help me stay organized. An all around winner!!!


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