October 16, 2010

Would you dare?!!

I am having a little inner turmoil here and I need your opinion.

This dresser sits in my front room. 

 ( please ignore the cords and the PS3 paraphernalia, she's acting as a TV stand while my basement is sick.)
It belonged (belonged? is that right!?) to my mom and she used it for her clothes her whole life growing up. Apparently it sat for years in our basement until a family friend took it and refinished it. He brought it to me a couple years ago as he didn't want to house it any longer and he felt it should stay in my family. I have enjoyed the piece but feel it doesn't do much to liven up the room.

Here's where the turmoil begins - I see all these great furniture re-dos and think this would be a perfect piece to make over. I have dreams (and maybe even the name of the paint...) of turning it a beautiful mustard yellow (trust me on this) and adding pillows to my couches to tie it all together. NOW - do you think I would have to be absolutely deranged to mess with this piece, especially given it's history OR do you think yes, it's a nice piece but if it's sitting in the middle of your living room you've got to love it, make her over! I'm a little torn, I'm not gonna lie. There's definitely something to be said about leaving an antique alone (not that I consider this an antique, love you mom!) but there's also something to be said about making a piece something you actually love. I just don't know which I feel stronger.

Someone just tell me what to do.


  1. You already know what I think, just do it. It's better to love a piece than respect a pieces finish.

  2. I don't know. I'm torn, too. I know that doesn't help, but I am sympathizing with you. I see your dilemman. I'm leaning toward giving it a makover, though.

  3. I would have to think what I would want in the LONG run. Painting it would be fun, and I think it'll look great. However, I'm so cautious that if I ever wanted it back to what it is, how on earth would I do that? (without spending a LOT of money?) But that's me, I'm a worrier. I'm not trying to sway you either way... I'm really curious and excited to see what it would look like yellow... but that's what I think. :) Love you!

  4. I say unless your mom has some attachment to it the way it is, do it! If your looking at it all day everyday then you want to love it. Or else move it to another part of the house where it might work better and look for another old piece to redo.

  5. It depends if you love the piece, or love the history. I would regret messing with an antique that had been in my family, but an antique I picked up somewhere I'd be more willing to paint. Then again, we've all seen beautiful antique pieces that some well-intentioned person messed with back in the 80s, and now it's just heart-breaking.

  6. Gosh- I would *want* to paint it, but agree with it depending on how your mom would feel about it.
    Check out what my friend did here:

  7. Agreed, unless your mom disapproves, it's just furniture, have at 'er!

  8. This is easy for mr to say because it is not mine(if it was I;d be feeling tha same as you), but I say do it! I'm dying to see it in a gorgeous mustard yellow!

  9. Antique Schmantique--I have NO SENTIMENTAL ATTACHMENT TO FURNITURE!!!! (and because I am related to you--I don't think you should either!) Its just stuff!! And if you are going to love it yellow (which I know you are) then you should do it! And down the road if you get sick of yellow--then you can paint it black or whatever. I just don't think YOU will ever need it to be the plain wood color it is now. So stop debating and go get your spray paint! :o)

  10. I say, DO IT! It seems like you have a magic touch when it comes to makeovers, crafts, and colours. Im sure whatever you do will look fabulous!

  11. Michelle, You forgot to tell everyone that it has already been mustard yellow and it was VERY UGLY!! I, as the aforementioned mother, do not care that you paint it but really--mustard yellow??!!
    I don't believe it loved being that color in its previous life because it was definitely ugly. But as I told you--it is now yours and you do what you want with it. I will close my eyes when I pass it when I come to visit you! It is only wood--now if you were talking about painting Rigby mustard yellow and Porter puke green then I would be very worried. I love you!!!

  12. PAINT IT, PAINT IT, PAINT IT! I'm not a mustard yellow kind of gal myself, but that piece will look gorgeous with a fresh coat of paint, regardless of color.

    I recently took a dresser similar to that, refinished the top with a Minwax stain and poly, spray painted the base in Rustoleum Heirloom White, replaced the existing knobs with glass ones, and converted it into a bathroom vanity. She's so pretty now!

    Since you have more modern tastes than I, check out primitiveandproper.blogspot.com. The gal who runs that site is a great source of color inspiration and often adds funky knobs to her furniture.

    Good luck!


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