November 1, 2010

Bad Bad World

I have told you before how much I love Guster and with the recent release of their new album Easy Wonderful (it's aaaaMAZiiiiiiiiiing! You have to yell it like Oprah....) that love has grown stronger. For their song Bad Bad World they held a contest for fans to make the official music video and here is the winner. You can go check out the honorable mentions here and I definitely would, er, did. Because it's a warm and fuzzy feel good video I thought I'd share it with you, I hope it makes you feel good.

Bad Bad World from Guster on Vimeo.


  1. Love the video, I hadn't seen that before. The album is amazing. It might be my favorite one, but I say that about each one!!

  2. This video made me cry--seriously. And I watched it at work, how embarrassing!

  3. Ohhh, I loved that! I do feel warm and fuzzy, thanks for sharing!


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