February 21, 2011

I've been thinking

I read a lot of crafty blogs, I read a lot of beauty blogs - all blogs that are very specific to their art. Yet, I wonder if those gals ever want to branch out and post about something else!!?!! When I think about my own blog I don't think I could ever keep it to one topic - because I'm not into just one topic, (as I'm sure they aren't either). I love makeup, I love creating with my hands, I love clothes, I love sharing stories about my kids - and I want to blog about it all. I think it's fun to throw a little bit of everything out there. I love the themed blogs but I guess I'm just too scatterbrained to focus on one thing.

And with that let me tell you I've got a lot more makeup talk coming up...... surprised?!


  1. Agreed! I couldn't concentrate on one thing either.

  2. Sometimes I do :) But when I feel that way I remember why I started beauty blogging in the first place!

    You have a beautiful family!
    ♥ Jessica of Getting Cheeky


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