February 22, 2011

Sleek shimmer

Seriously don't pay attention to my unruly eyebrows (what is going on?!) but here are just a couple shots of some of the shimmery shadows from the Sleek Storm palette. I did these looks with a few of the darker shades (obviously) and here's how they turned out.

*And another thing - how do you get good photos of your eye close up?! I see all these amazing photos and when I try it the light catches everything funny and it looks like I've been blending with my fists! Hrmph.*

Anyway, poor photos aside, the Storm palette is amazing and I'm still loving it.

Have you bought it yet?!


  1. I love them, you are amazing!! I need you to do my makeup again and give me some pointers. Maybe I need to get a Storm palette so that I can have more variety!
    Love ya!

  2. Your photos are WAY better than anything I've been able to take!


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