March 9, 2011

an exchange and FOTD

When I was in MAC last I exchanged a few products I didn't love for a couple great finds. I went in to swatch Motif, an orangey pink eyeshadow that I discovered while going through Laura's makeup she had packed away and forgotten about (the SHAME!) and although it is not something I ever would have picked up on my own, I love it. I've been pairing it with Trax - a plum color that has a similar gold shimmer to it, and then blend them out using Naked Lunch. I love how they all compliment each other.

I also picked up Underage Tinted Lipglass. On my fair skin it is a milky nude pink. I love it.

Don't you love it when you are able to exchange something you don't like for something you love? Have any great exchange tales to tell?!


  1. You SERIOUSLY love make-up, I'm glad.

  2. I like those colors! They look great on you! I wish you could do my make up for me every Sunday! Sadly its the only day I wear it!

  3. Steph HazellMarch 10, 2011

    Okay Michelle - for the makeup-challenged people like me, give me some free advice! My question do you find a good 'nude lip' color? I have been trying a few out and the only thing I find that I like (and don't laugh) is if I mix some liquid foundation with lip gloss *gasp* I'm sure this is a makeup-don't but I don't want to buy a million colors to find the right one for me - HELP!


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