March 7, 2011

eyeshadow bases

I have had this discussion with a lot of gals recently and so I thought I would just do a post and put it out there. Eyeshadow primer. I have mentioned before that I do not go a makeup-wearing-day without it. An eyeshadow primer or base gives the shadow something to cling to making it last longer and not crease. It also helps the true color of your shadow show through so you don't have to swipe and swipe and swipe to get any color payoff.

A lot of brands have primers but some of the most popular and commonly used ones are:

Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Eden - matte finish
Sin - shimmer finish
Original - dries invisible

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Candlelight - golden shimmer
Glitter Glue - to use with glitter and pigments

MAC Paint Pot
This is actually a cream shadow which dries to a dry finish. Comes in a variety of colors and finishes.
 You can purchase the Primer Potion and Shadow Insurance at any Sephora store and you can purchase the Paint Pots at a MAC store or MAC Bay counter.

To show you an example I have placed MAC Sketch by itself on the left and over top of MAC Painterly Paint Pot on the right. I put the same amount on both sides, you can see how the base helps the shadow pop.

I have used Urban Decay Primer Potion and find that nothing is going to crease over that stuff! I love my Paint Pots as well as I like the different color bases it provides. I haven't used Shadow Insurance but have read great reviews on it and know a lot of girls that swear by it. This may be a redundant post for many but like I said I've had a lot of questions about primers lately so there are some of you wondering!

I hope this helps and I do strongly recommend you go out and get one! :)


  1. I was going to ask you about this too. Now I know, and now will make the attempt to do something about it.

  2. I was seriously just going to ask you about this! I'll add it to my list of things I need when I hit up the mac store.

  3. Michelle, I need your help. I want some better makeup and I happened on your blog again (i used to read it quite often, but then not so often and then again today...) Anyways, I've been checking out MAC and wondering can I just buy it online, (i can ship it to the states) do you do or sell MAC. Like how do I figure out what color to get etc. etc. Anyways, let me know if you can help me. Also, I love all those eyeshadows I just don't really know how to apply them, so if you could help me in that area too that would be great.
    email me at
    Ha, I hope this makes sense.


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