March 23, 2011

fake tan

In less than a week I am heading to sunny Arizona to spend not-quite-a-week with 5 other fun and fabulous women - my mom, my sister, my BFF Sharlee, her sister and their momma - girl's trip! It's going to be ah-mazing!

Typically before I head somewhere warm and sunny I like to get a good base tan. If you know me you know I am a sunburn waiting to happen, (thanks for those genes Dad!) I feel like tanning up a bit helps prep my skin for some rays so I don't just burn to a crisp on the first day (been there, done that, too many times - remember Bali Shar?!) And I'm not talking about tanning so much I already look like I've spent a week in the sun.... I mean just enough to wake up my freckles. Now I know "fake baking" is a controversial subject and I'm wondering how you feel about it. I am confident in my decision and I feel like it has truly saved me more than one nasty sunburn but I'm curious to know, how do you feel about going under the bulbs?

And what would a post about tanning be without a photo of.....

an Oompa Loompa - what else?


  1. I used to tan tons! It just made my skin way nicer (I have eczema so it helped with my dry skin) and I just felt I looked better not pasty white!! I loved going.
    But now at 26 I already have sick "old lady" spots on my legs from it.. But that's from me going ALL the time years ago, I say a base tan is super smart before going somewhere sunny. It's probably worse to burn than go a few mins in a booth.
    Have fun in Arizona!! A girls trip sounds like tons of fun!

  2. I spray tan and then when I get there I use spf 50 for the first day or two then (I still tan through a bit) switch it to spf 25-30 for the rest. I still get pretty dark even with this. have fun.

  3. Mitz, don't do it! Step away from the tanning bed!!
    Here in Australia skin cancer is a very real problem, & considering lots of the population have irish or english ancestry it is no wonder. Pale skin is just not equipped to tan safely. What you call a tan is actually sun damage. My Mother & my MIL have both had literally hundreds of skin cancers removed, & their story is not unusual.
    Spray tan if you must, or even at home gradual moisturizer tan, but don't risk your skin.

  4. Call Cathy to give you a spray tan!
    She would love to and then you can use sunblock on top of that! Think of all your dad has gone through because of the damage from the sun!!!

  5. Well I'm not a big fan of tanning beds, although I've never used one so I shouldn't talk I guess!! But I'm also not a fan of sunburns, so I say whatever you're comfortable with. But most of all I say, "SEE YOU IN A FEW DAYS!!!! Wa HOOOO!!!!!! Can't wait!!


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