March 14, 2011

my next purchase

Yesterday morning as I was getting into the shower I realized I had run out of shampoo and conditioner. I searched through my little travel bags and random things in my bathroom drawer to try and find something I could get enough out of for one use. I came across a sample of this Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner in those little foil packs and figured they would do the trick. Well it did more than just the trick - my hair feels like it's just got back from a weekend away at some golf resort (I don't know why my hair likes to golf...) and I'm loving it! Seriously, my hair is soft, and strong, and shiny and smells divine. And because I have to go out and buy some shampoo and conditioner anyway this is what I'll be picking up.

Has anyone else tried Pureology products?


  1. A friend of mine used this brand all the time and always raved about how good it was. I've never tried it cause its so expensive, but I might have to splurge sometime and try it out! I love trying different kinds of shampoo and conditioner!

  2. I have used it and loved it! One of the many perks of having a sis-in-law as a hairdresser is cheaper hair product from the beauty supply store.


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