June 14, 2011

100 FOLLOWERS!! {giveaway winner!!}

Well folks, we did it!  

100 readers! 
 (that's right - in color!)

I know that's not necessarily a lot in bloggerland but to me it's a lot, especially considering I started with 12. Well technically we all start with zero but I hovered at 12 for a good long time. Anyway, I just want to thank you for reading my blog. I can't believe there are 100 people who care what I have to say, not even the people in my own house want to listen to me - how are there 100 of you out there?! Thanks for making a girl happy. I love being out and about and running into people who say, "oh I saw that on your blog," or "I'm trying this new thing I saw on your blog!" It's thrilling, so thanks!

Well without further ado I'm excited to announce the giveaway winner and I have to tell you I had such a good laugh. This is totally legit, in fact here's the random generator that drew the number: 

The winner is someone that is very close to me, like literally, like living in the same apartment building. 

Miss Judy Oler 

You are the lucky winner of your very own bottle of Moroccan Oil! Judy is another Vivint wife that is here in Saskatoon with me. Well technically right now she is back home visiting family, so hey Judy, when you get back want to go shopping?! Too funny. 

Thank you to all my readers and be sure to keep following, and commenting - I love to hear from you! And let's do another giveaway soon! Might as well!

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  1. Haha, so awesome! I'm excited for my morrocan oil ;)


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