June 20, 2011

another hairdo

As lame as it sounds I've been having a lot of fun trying out these hairdos from Abby's 30 Do's in 30 Days series. I mean, when I put my kids to bed at 7 and my husband doesn't get home until 11 I'm left with a lot of time on my hands! And instead of doing something productive I play makeover with my hair - great choice Michelle, I could have knit an afghan by now. Anyway. 
Today I'm sporting the 'do she called Three Banded Buns. It too was super fast and easy and I'm loving having the hair off my neck in something other that a regular old ponytail. Unknowingly I left more ends out than she did but I think it's a cute variation. I'd also like to try this with only 2 buns instead of 3 so that you don't see as much of the poof on the sides from the front. We'll see how much of a headache I have this evening but so far I'm liking the look.

And for your viewing pleasure... some poor quality photos. (Sorry, they're especially bad today.)

Next up I want to try the Braided Crown. I've attempted it a couple times and so far it's got me beat but I'll get you Braided Crown. Yes I will.


  1. Michelle, this is SO super cute!! I love it and am definitely going to have to try it!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your hairdo is adorable! I have got to try it! Hopefully I can do as good of a job as you did - but probably not :)

  3. Even though my hair is way shorter than yours, I tried it and LOVED it! Actually, I probably did it 3 days in a row :). Thanks for sharing. And you are adowabl, I mean adorable!

  4. Cute, no matter how you do your hair or what you wear, you will just always look cute.


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