October 25, 2011

'brothers' crate sign

I'm not usually one to decorate with a lot of words or sayings but when I saw this on pinterest I thought it was absolutely adorable (I'm such a sucker for anything to do with 'brothers'!) and would be so cute in the boys room I am currently redoing.

 My handy husband built me a crate and my little helper and I got to painting it.

After my little helper had gone to bed I stenciled the words onto the crate with some craft paint and a set of stencils from the dollar store.

After the paint had dried I took some sand paper to scuff it up quite a lot. I then took some dark stain to give it a further worn and roughed-up look.

I'm going to wait to show you how I hung it and where I placed it in their new "big boy" bedroom until I can show you the entire room. I'm really happy with how the sign turned out and love the sentiment behind the saying. I'd like to think my boys are superheroes for each other....

although, sometimes it seems they both want to be the villain...



  1. I love it that my girls are so creative. This is really, really cute! Can't wait to see the finished bedroom. Love you!!!


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