November 23, 2011

my dad is a rock star

No really, he actually is.

If you are my friend on Facebook you may have already seen this but I have to share this video again. I get goosebumps whenever I watch it, I'm so proud! My dad has been playing drums since he was a youngin (he was the drummer in a popular rock band in Cape Town in the 60's) and decided to pick it up again many years later, taking proper lessons. It was a goal of his to learn this (very technical) song, one of his favorites. I spent many nights falling asleep to him pounding away in his drum room in the basement. I think I can sing this song almost as well as he can drum it. I kid.

But enough outta me, I encourage you to watch this video right till the end. It's impressive. He's impressive. I like him.

1 comment:

  1. SHUT UP!!! OH my gosh papa TODD! That was amazing!!! amazing I say! I am so proud to call him dad! lol! WOW! amazing job!!!!!


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