December 28, 2011

DIY moustache mugs

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. By the lack of posts here you can tell I have! With THREE birthdays, Christmas and New Years in the month of December it gets really busy for us. It's pretty much a non stop party for weeks and I'm starting to feel like I'm coming off some bender, but the end is in sight. Normal life is so close. It's been fun though. 

I've been excited to post about these mugs I made. They were a Christmas gift that I mailed away so once I heard they had been received I knew it was safe to post about them.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen these mugs around, they seem to pop up here and there.


I saw a DIY tutorial on my friend Kandee’s blog and I instantly wanted to make some myself. I wanted to take it one step further and make a feminine counterpart for the moustache mug. I thought it would make a cute “his and hers” gift. I found a template for some cute pouty lips and made a kissable cup too! I sent these to my cousin who has 2 little boys and I didn’t want to leave them out so I found 2 smaller mugs of similar style and made mini moustaches to go on those. Now the whole family has a set.


Working with the Pebeo Porcelain markers was a breeze. Well, I should say the black one was a breeze. The red one was much more finicky and I never did get the paint to blend well and was constantly fighting against streaks. When I peeled off the stencil I was easily able to clean up any smudges with a Q tip and because I baked the mugs to set the paint they are now dishwasher safe.

I think the moustache and lips mugs are adorable but I am not limiting myself to these. With these Pebeo markers you can draw on plates, bowls, glasses – anything! The next project is to draw little beady eyes at the bottom of my boy’s cereal bowls – a little surprise to help them finish their breakfast.


  1. I love these! What a cute idea. I totally doing these for my family. :)

  2. Grr! I bought the mugs for a similar project for Christmas, them I couldn't get the porcelaine pen ANYWHERE! They're so cute!


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