February 15, 2012

daddy's girl

It's my dadda's birthday today and I would be remiss if I didn't say a little something about that special man here. I think he's seen my blog when my mom shows him cute pictures I post of the kids but maybe he'll stumble upon this post too. Read: I will send him the link and tell him to read it. 

Like many little girls, my dad was the first man I loved and he's still right up there. I feel like a pretty lucky gal as through the years my dad has done everything that any good dad should do.

  • He's fixed my car.
  • He's given me advice on boys.
  • He's leant me money.
  • He's put together dressers and desks and hung drywall and curtains.
  • He taught me how to work (by picking beans in the garden... boo.)
  • He gave me a curfew and made me keep the rules.

But besides doing these things, that make any dad a great dad, he has gone beyond and done things that make him the best dad. And my friend.

  • He stayed up with me for late night chats and to share treats from his secret stash.
  • He taught me how to waterski and drive the boat.
  • He played hundreds of games of UNO with me.
  • He made me his right hand man and included me in every crazy project he had going on, including but not limited to putting our boat on the back lawn so we could paint the trailer. I was sure we`d never get it back on! 
  • He shares many, many inside jokes with me - like hiding the hammer in silly spots (I unknowingly took that thing to school in my back pack!!)
  • He took me to concerts to see our favorite band. Twice. 
  • He sends me emails to let me know he's thinking of me.
  • He takes me on daddy/daughter dates and listens to what I say.
  • He bought me a pooch and taught me to care for animals.
  • He loves my husband like he is his own son. 
  • He brought me treats home from every business trip. 
  • He drove hours to surprise me when I had just given birth to Rigby.
  • He gets me. We are definitely cut from the same cloth. 
  • He has a strong testimony and has helped strengthen mine. 

I could add many more things to the list of why my dad is amazing. He is someone I love, admire, respect and adore. I only wish distance allowed us to see more of each other, it`s always a great time when we do. And I wish I could share ``too much chocolate cake`` with him today! Have a Happy Birthday.

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  1. I loved this post. Thanks for sharing! Dad's are great!


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