March 26, 2012


While I am in the business of sharing things I was somehow completely oblivious to here is a song that was released last summer. I stumbled upon it this weekend (while half heartedly watching the Much Music Countdown while folding laundry Saturday night .... can you say PARTAY!) and I am a little bit obsessed.

I'm sure many of you have already seen this video and heard the song but it's new to me and I wanted to share. It's from Australian artist Gotye (I'm not the only one that had to google how to pronounce that, right?) and unfortunately from what I can tell it's a bit of a gem amongst his other work but I won't be too quick to judge, I've got to explore him more.

The song is called Somebody That I Used to Know. Have a listen and don't let the skin in the beginning of the video alarm you, it's totally PG I promise.

Is anyone more familiar with Gotye? What else should I check out?

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  1. love this.i was obsessed for a while..thanks for reminding me again!

    you should look up the cover version on youtube of 5 people on 1 guitar. its amazing!


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