March 28, 2012

MAC Creme d' Nude

I have briefly mentioned in past posts how much I adore MAC Creme d' Nude lipstick. It is my favorite, must have, can't live without nude lipstick. I bought this one about a year and a half ago and I'm  just about reaching the bottom. :( This shade goes with virtually everything and I wear it a few times a week.

I will absolutely be replacing this lipstick when I hit the bottom, it's one that can not be absent from my collection.

If you are looking for a cost friendly nude lip alternative you can look at Revlon Soft Nude. It is not a dupe by any means but for girls that aren't as fair as myself it may be something that suits you even more. I searched for comparisons and found a couple great reviews on the 2 nudies here and here.

Do you wear a nude lip and what is your favorite nude lipstick?


  1. I have both of these and love them! But my fav. would probably be florabundance. Are you a pro?

  2. I meant mac pro. (That sounded strange when I read it back to myself.) You've just mentioned in earlier posts that Leth doesn't have a mac counter and being a pro is the best thing since sliced bread. :)

  3. Haha, I knew what you meant. :) Yes I'm a Pro and that card is my most treasured possession I swear! Ok, I've wanted to check out florabundance (my autocorrect had a hard time with that one, haha) for a while. How does it compare to Underage though? I LOVE that one but they seemed interchangeable. I'll have to check it out. :)

    1. Haha, i love my card too, I'm sure my hubby would love to take a pair of scissors to it though! To me it seems like they are almost the same, although Underage has a tiny bit of shimmer to the finish. It could look the same with just a tiny difference but for some reason I just gotta have it!:)


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