September 24, 2012

An AMAZING discount

I have come across an insane, let me say it again - INSANE deal and you know me, I had to share!

Two of my favorite beauty gods are Michelle Money of Bachelor fame and her trusty sidekick Laura (I’m sure Laura also has a last name, I just don’t know it). They have a YouTube channel called the MMandL Show and not only are these ladies hilarious and hot, they totally know their stuff. They recently posted a tutorial of how Laura does her hair and since I love their unkempt curls I was thrilled to see how they achieved the look. In the tutorial Laura raves about the tool she uses – a reverse tapered curling wand by NuMe. Never being a hard one to sell I was convinced I must have one. Here is the video tutorial where Laura shows you how to get the look.

I really am going to get to the discount part, hold on. Now enter another favorite YouTuber, Carlibel55, who coincidently also recently posted a hair tutorial using a NuMe wand (here comes the exciting part....) and included a coupon code for 60% off anything on the NuMe site. SIXTY PERCENT friends. That’s some frick frackin' discount! Bald people should be buying things. In this tutorial Carli uses a different NuMe curling wand and you can watch that tutorial here. Details of the discount code are in the information box under the video (on the YouTube page.)

NuMe has many different styling tools as well as products and from everything I have watched and read they are great quality. I am most interested in the reverse tapered curling wand because as Michelle says, "it just makes sense" and obviously, obviously I want the exact one that Laura has. The wand was originally $225 already marked down to $145 (why? I dunno), add a 60% discount to that (THANK YOU CARLI!) and BAM you are getting a $225 curling wand for $58! I don’t  believe my eyes, folks. Want some more good news? NuMe ships to Canada. Thank your international shipping stars.

Tell me, have you ever used a curling wand? Have you ever used the reverse wand? Are you going to take advantage of this crazy deal?! Do you have hair? Then do it!


  1. ummmm ya. i'm totally sold. thanks!!!!

  2. I bought a NuMe wand last fall and I love, love LOVE it! Seriously, I can't say enough good things about their products.


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