September 14, 2012

two faced - a pep talk

Am I the only one that thinks this in depth to things? I’ve mentioned it before but I have one side of my face that I like more than the other. I mean, I’m glad I have them both but really, one is not pulling it’s weight. The right side is the ugly step sister of my Cinderella – my cheekbone isn’t as prominent, my jawbone is smaller and my eye not as wide. I haven’t even mentioned the smaller nostril and scars yet. Really, the right side is holding things together for me here. Apparently truly beautiful folks are those that have faces of pure symmetry. I’m not making this stuff up – wikipedia agrees “Studies, in which people's faces were rated for their level of attractiveness and health, found that the highest ratings were given to individuals with symmetrical faces.” That’s not you my girl!


Am I really writing a post to tear apart the features of my face? Of course not, I think I’m a cute enough gal and I am happy with asymmetry, it’s what makes me me.  I just find it interesting that everyone can find something about themselves that they don’t like, or like less. I think what is really most important is to then say, ‘but it’s ok!’ There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change something about yourself but then love yourself despite those things. Saying, hey-I-don’t-really-love-my-totally-ski-jump-toenails-that-wear-holes-through-my-socks-and-shoes-and-I-have-to-trim-them-almost-daily-so-they-don’t-take-over-the-place (too much information? it’s all true friends) but I’m still a good person anyway! Don’t let the things you like less about yourself define yourself.

I think a lot of this comes from comparing ourselves to others, and I’m guilty. She has prettier hair than me. She has straighter (and whiter) teeth than I do. She’s got a better body, and bigger boobs than I’ll ever have. We all do it. I recently read an amazing post written by one of my favorite beauty bloggers Cara, at maskCara. In this post she talks about how instead of comparing ourselves to others and hating them for their ‘flawlessness’ (which we all know isn’t true anyway) we should stop being jealous and start making friends. She gives an awesome example which I’ll let you go read, but as she was telling her story I could think of people in my own life that I think totally have it going on and sometimes feel jealous of. Instead of seeing their pictures on instagram and rolling my eyes at how perfect they are I started commenting on them saying, ‘hey that looks amazing!’ Just because someone is great at something or looks gorgeous doesn’t mean I’m terrible at that thing or look hideous. Does that make sense? Don’t let your self worth have any bearing on what others are doing and don’t sit back and be jealous of them, tell them you think it’s great! (Secret is, they are more than likely thinking the same thing about you in some aspect!)

This is kind of an all-over-the-place post and I'm not really sure where it came from but I hope you’ve followed my thoughts. I think as I get older I just realize that we are all more similar than we think we are. We all have those same insecurities we think we are alone in. Whether it’s the right side of my face that’s kinda bumming me out, or the fact that I will never decorate as cute as that gal on instagram – it doesn’t change who I am and that I’m also awesome, in different ways.


Take the things you don’t love about yourself and say, whatever, it’s part of who I am and if I have one nostril that’s smaller than the other, so be it. We are all different colors, we are all different shapes, we all have different talents, strengths and things we are good at and we need to love ourselves for being unique. There’s not another you out there and YOU matter.


  1. A gal with toe thumbs thanks you for this post. It was a good reminder! And I love both your sides and your small nose.

  2. Does not matter so long as you like yourselves. Nice writing.


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