January 29, 2014

let's do this thang

Ya know I miss blogging.

I miss the creative outlet it provides and the platform it gives me to share the beauty tips/new products I come across (y'all know how much I love to blab about that stuff). I like to record things about my family, the projects I'm working on and what I'm doing in general, and I know my momma likes it too. So for her and for me I'm going to post regularly again. When I started this blog I was just a girl with a husband and a ferret. The ferret has long since passed but luckily I've still got the husband, the husband and 3 little people too. I enjoy having parts of my life recorded and want to continue to share what I can. I know posts won't come daily like they did before (remember the 3 little people??) but they will be regular, whatever that happens to be. I enjoy our interactions and invite you to follow along, it's sure to be a ride.


  1. Yeah. I love keeping up with you and your cute lil fam!

  2. Yay! Glad you're back!

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