July 24, 2006

Something to call my own

There is some kind of chemical release that occurs in my body when I purchase something new. It's like an adrenaline/epinephrine/endorphin/glycogen...oxide reaction or something!

I must have been in junior high when I started to purchase my own clothes. I remember the exciting feeling of independence as I browsed through stores, trying on clothes and buying whatever it was I wanted, with my own hard (ok maybe not that hard) earned money.

I experienced an escalated feeling of that same independence when I bought my own car (not to discount the help of father) . I was the first of my friends to own a car and we thought it was just the bees knees of growing up. I didn't however feel that same enjoyable chemical release as I dropped what felt..... and actually still feels like.... THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars on fuel pumps for that same "dream car" turned NIGHTMARE of mine.

So when now I am all grown up, married and paying for way more things than I want to be, I found that same piece of heaven in purchasing our very first set of furniture. We actually own something in our living room! It is the most beautiful set because it's new, it's ours, and it's paid for.

This pic is a little dark....bad lighting

Aren't they pretty?!


  1. Wow i bet that some really really ridiculously good looking guy helped you and your husband find that couch set, and i dont mean the person at United Furniture, just because she had as much facial hair as me doesnt mean that she is a man.

    P.s. I mean i am good looking

  2. Garth, you don't have facial hair, you need to hit puberty yet.

  3. They look great! I'll have to come see them in person some time.

  4. So you made the plunge into buying new furniture. I found it to be more traumatic than buying a car, even though my first car and my first couch cost about the same. I once heard a radio broadcast that confirmed this feeling. Most people keep their couches for much longer than any other item they own. Congratulations!

  5. Wow, I'm so jealous after 11 years we have yet to buy a new couch, and based on how the kids treat the one we have it will be a few more years

    ps I miss anonymous he was so insightful


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