July 27, 2006

Rock Passion

I love rocks. I really do, I love them.

Since I was a little girl and I used to hide my stash of special stones in the little cubby intended for cleaning our chimney. My dad tells the story of doing work in the yard, repeatedly hearing the creaking of the little metal latch and wondering what it was I was doing over there. I guess he walked over one day and opened it up to find my treasure. He knew what it was and who it belonged to because really, who other than someone with a passion for rocks would store them in a chimney cubby?!

I love them all: skipping stones, polished rocks, colored rocks, sedimentary rocks, jagged rocks, river rocks that have been smoothed by running water. They are all special and all beautiful to me, really.

Pretty rocks in the water

I noticed the other day that I have rocks in almost every room of my house. A plate of rocks on the coffee table, a dish of rocks on the kitchen table, an arrangement of rocks in the bathroom, large rocks for book-ends in the office, and a rock garden outside.

In all their beauty no two are alike, like little gifts from mother nature.

Skipping rocks in Waterton


  1. Rocks are mountain dandruff.

  2. Rock on Mitz, rock on.

  3. Wow, that was awe-inspiring, i want to like hug a bear and save the trees.

  4. Michelle's momAugust 12, 2006

    Oh, that was so cute and brings back memories. Do you remember when we came home from South Africa and we had brought you a bag full of gem stones. You opened it and said "ROCKS!!" No one but you would have been so happy over a bag full of stones. By the way do you still have them?
    Love, Mom


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