July 15, 2006

Sue for poo?

I answered the phone at work to hear a very upset and impatient voice telling me he needed a lawyer. Well thanks, that's why most people call in. I asked him what it was regarding so I knew better who to transfer the call to. He went on to tell me this, it's true I swear:

"I was at the border crossing and the inspection dog pooped in my van."

I tried not to laugh.

"It smelled up my whole van and completely ruined my trip. I stopped along the side of the road to take some pictures, but when I went to grab my camera I stuck my hand in dog crap!"

Again, literally holding my breath.

"I drove back and demanded they clean my van, but I want to be compensated for what I went through. I lost time on my trip and now I'm scared to cross the border again."

I had to really wrack my brain to think who in this whole office of lawyers would handle a case like this.... divorce- no, will and estates- no, real estate- no, hmmmm, dog poop..... criminal? I took a gamble and put his call through to one of the assistants and pre-warned her... try not to laugh. It turns out after she described the expenses and fees that go along with hiring a lawyer he wasn't too interested in pursuing this matter anymore. I mean how much would he really get in "compensation" anyway? I bet he heard that story about the lady in the States that sued McDonalds over a hot coffee and he was just rubbing his hands together thinking he had a real jackpot in this. What people won't sue over! I'm glad he called in though, maybe I'll sue him for what I went trough.


  1. freakin michelle, you're gonna have jace and vick serve us with a court order here about wesley's little poop in there kitchen corner a few months back.

  2. Yeah and I'm gonna serve you for Neils little poop in the corner of my room last night.

  3. Mac: "Do you know anything about the sandy hud in the back of my van???"

    Neil and Matt: "MEOW"

    Once just a funny story and now a pending court battle.

  4. Oh my land, if I could sue for every one of Wesley's poops left somewhere it shouldn't be...... I'd be filthy stinkin' rich!

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